Sunday, December 17, 2023

Midnight Screening, Movie Theater Carnage

Going to the movie theater is no longer fun.  In the 80s I went once or twice a week. There were actually movies I wanted to see.  Especially slasher movies.  Now woke plots have taken over.  Grouch actresses have replaced babes.  Feminized men have replaced hunks.  Superhero or "Star Wars" idiocy have taken up all the screens.  The public have become rude pigs.  The cost is too much and now you need an app or an account with the company to buy a ticket in a seat they want you to sit on (not your choice).  Hence 2021's "Midnight Screening," directed by Daniel Zubiate. 

Closing for the evening!  The last shows are wrapping up and the scantily filled theaters are emptying.  The crew must now clean up and get ready for tomorrow's opening.  Fuller (Alan Humphrey) is the theater manager and we feel for him.  His staff isn't the brightest.  Tonight, however, is a special night.  A new horror film is opening tomorrow and him and his small staff will preview it in the big theater.  That is... after they all clean the empty theaters.  We like some of the crew.  Sheila (Rebekah Patton) is a sweet doll!  Her BF has just dumped her and she is a good soul.  Kyle (Caedmon Holland) is an usher with eyes for Sheila...but too shy to do anything.  Tammi (Trisha Pecore) is the weird concession stand lady...but we like her.  Alan (Robert Posey) is the creep projectionist...very crude and sells bootleg DVDs.

The theater, empty and at night, is creepy.  Babe Amy (Amanda Courtney) is murdered in the parking lot and the killer gets into the theater.  Now, one by one, he hunts the crew.  Some we want to die horribly...but some of the kills are heartbreaking.  The 8-screen cineplex is cavernous and the killer can hide in a million places.  Decapitation, gutting, and strangulation will explode at you as the film progresses.  We plead out loud for Sheila to survive...she seems like such a good sort...but will she?

Is the killer one of the crew?  Is Sheila too good and either the killer or being lined up for a gory death? Is the killer a customer fed up with the wokeness of the plots of modern day movies and sick of the culture of Modernist America?  Like us.  This film may not find a lot of love but if you ever worked in a movie theater, you will not only appreciate it but recognize the characters put forth.  See "Midnight Screening," and feel free to stay at home instead of paying $75 for a date and you to go to the movies.

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