Wednesday, December 27, 2023

In Its Wake, Cleric Chases Demon Dog

Okay, so it's not a dog.  It kind of looks like a baboon dog.  It shreds all it comes into contact with.  Today we have a film that will not get any love.  Supposedly it has something to do with an idea of HP Lovecraft.  We'll go with that.  We do have a great cast and many of you will glob onto the perky redheads, more specifically Jacqueline Godbout.  She plays an anxious nymphomaniac, a role that is not easy to carry off.  This is one of the few films starring two sultry redheads. The other one will be tied to a makeshift altar and readied to receive the devil's seed...another role not easy to carry off, as many of you know. Today's film is 2023's "In Its Wake," directed by Lee Foster.

He looks serious. No humor.  His sermons are boring.  Still Pastor Kurt (Elvis Stojko) knows an evil has just come from...somewhere.  He also knows his divine calling is to track it down...hence he leaves the church. Three years later four great looking twenty-somethings led by our redheads Laura (Godbout) and her buddy Amy (Paige Foskett) are headed to Laura's cabin in the woods!  Two guys are with them, Laura's medical student BF Manny (Kenneth Bemister), and loser Tim (Aaron Heels). Manny is the lucky one, his redhead is a nymphomaniac.  Amy is stuck with the loser who wants sex all the time and Amy doesn't want to give it.  On the way to the cabin a snow begins to fall.  Three businessmen on their way to a retreat are also on the road.  Their paths will cross when mysteriously their cars break down on an isolated road.

Okay, the baboon dog is loose.  It shreds four idiots in a Kwansit hut. The four have no taste in music and the baboon thing will shred them all. Next the thing shreds one of the businessmen.  As Tim unsuccessfully tries to get lucky with Amy, Manny gets really lucky with our nympho (this was not hard). The baboon thing kills many more.  Now Kurt arrives with a couple of loser assistants.  He sets up a temple with an altar at the Kwansit hut after cleaning up the dead bodies.  Uh oh...Kurt may have ulterior motives...the altar with the straps on it is a clue.  Our nympho will get naked despite being below freezing. Now Kurt is full of surprises and he pulls out an ancient tome that would make HP Lovecraft proud. As the businessmen, some locals, and our four twenty-somethings fall one by one, Kurt better hurry up if he desires to save any of them.

The body count is very high.  Our nymphomaniac redhead is so refreshing.  The baboon dog is...well, it's a baboon dog, let us just leave it at that.  Does redheaded nymphomaniac Laura have a shot at surviving to the end credits?  Will Tim ever get in Amy's pants?  Just who does Kurt plan on tying to the altar?  Our two redheads are the highlight of this film...though the other characters are played well.  Gore and death abound, and the baboon dog-thing...well, its a baboon dog-thing, we'll just go with it. See "In Its Wake" for a surprisingly good horror film...that features babe redheads.  

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