Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Time's Up, High School Faculty Shredded

Teachers!  Heaven forbid we ever say anything negative about them.  I get it...underpaid, not respected, don't get paid as much as Shohei Ohtani...right!  So we'll leave all the negativity aimed at them to this slasher film.  They'll die so horribly.  Not since "The Faculty" has a film turned us against this profession that demands our total respect.  Today we look at 2022's "Time's Up," directed by L.C. Holt.

So sad.  As the film opens, a very sensitive and theatric high school boy, Alex, eats a gun. Brains everywhere. His suicide sparks a lot of discussion. Teacher Jacqui (Hannah Fierman) interviews the kid's best friend in school, Elisha (Madison Edmunds).  Elisha details how bullying and insensitivity by faculty and students drove this kid to suicide.  Bullying!  But wait!  Is this really what's going on here...or went on?  You'll see. Okay, New Year's Eve and school principal Gene (Jonathan Tiersten) has a party at his house.  All the faculty is there...very awkward.  Everyone hates Jacqui for writhing the article blaming them for the suicide.  Tony (Holt) is the guidance counselor and Jacqui's fiancé...he's on her side. So is drama teacher Rachel (Kamarra Edmonds).

Uh oh...what the partiers do not know is a massacre just took place at the school and Gene's beautiful daughter (Bethany Desrosiers) has been grabbed by the killer. Soon, the killer will begin a bloody game.  One by one the faculty will be hunted down in gory fashion.  He leaves clues for them and also a macabre scavenger hunt.  The faculty, led by wrestling coach Cliff (Damian Maffei) now desperately try to find Gene's daughter before midnight.  The killer is brutal and plays the teachers against one another.  Flashbacks give us hints as to what really happened the day Alex (Tyler Senatore) killed himself.  Bullying?  Hah!  You'll see.  The real killer may want you to think that but surprises abound.

Who is killing our hard working and fully dedicated teachers?  Was Jacqui's interview of Elisha really an accurate depiction of a teen bullied and driven to suicide?  Does anyone else wish their jobs gave them a three month vacation in the middle of the year?  Just saying.  The beautiful will die horribly.  Many of the kills are heartbreaking, and all very gory.  For a gratuitous slasher film with a few surprises, see "Time's Up." 

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