Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Conjuring the Genie, Be Careful What You Wish For

Fans of "Wishmaster" movies might find this one interesting.  No humor here and no irreverence, as in the "Wishmaster" films.  The central theme is identical...be careful what you wish for.  Today we look at 2021's "Conjuring the Genie," directed by Scott Jeffrey.  Hunks and babes will die horribly in this one at the hands of an evil and grotesque monster.  The characters won't be particularly likable but then again, they're college students...go figure.

Morgan (Megan Purvis) is a pretty coed...and she is sad.  Her dad died suddenly and as a result she is estranged from her mom (Nicola Wright) and flunking out.  Professor Frakes (Ryan Davies), who ends up being a naughty sort, gives Morgan one last chance to save her academic career...write a paper on an urban legend.  Morgan finds one...the Djinn!  The Djinn is a genie sort of thing...slimy and with big teeth.  He grants wishes to the one who conjures him...and to her four friends.  To do research on the Djinn, Morgan conjures it...never a good idea.  In a weird ceremony with candles, incantations, and joining of hands, the evil entity is now in the lives of Morgan and her four friends.

Easy...right?  Just don't wish for anything.  Not so easy.  The thing has mind control powers and is eager to grant wishes.  Yep...the wishes aren't worded as exact as they should be and the beautiful Diane (Mya Brown) who desires a supermodel's looks will be granted something a bit more macabre...you'll see.  Monsters, weird pregnancies, and self mutilation will all be part of the granted wishes.  But wait!  Morgan has a doozie!  You'll see.  The apparent success of her dream leads her to be hesitant to drive the Djinn away...much to the pain of her best buddies.  As the souls of her friends are damned to eternal torment, Morgan must make a painful decision in which whatever she decides...she loses.

Just what did Morgan wish for that seduces her to keep the Djinn around?  Are college kids really worth saving?  Even with her wish granted, will Morgan cheer up?  Dark, depressing, and ominous, this film may make you think about your own vulnerabilities and encourage you to move on through life.  For a dark and sordid tale of wishing and mutilation, see "Conjuring the Genie."

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