Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Indiscretions, A Monster Chases a Babe

Okay, this is another film that won't get much love.  The budget is non-existent and so are any kind of special f/x.  Sure, the creature is less than lame.  But!  This one stars Rachel Robbins as a seductress in peril.  Enough said.  What the makers could have done with just...let's say...$400 million!  Well, whatever the budget, Playboy model Rachel Robbins is always worth the price of admission.  Today we look at a Florida film, 2009's "Indiscretions," directed by Jason Liquori. 

Five years ago, idiot Mickey (Anesti Vega) did something awful and went to prison.  Now he's out and his too faithful babe wife, Jessie (Billie Jo Creamer) desires to reconnect.  She decides an overnight hike to a quaint cabin in the Florida wilderness will provide opportunity to see if the two are still compatible.  They bicker along the way and it is clear Jessie needs to move on.  But wait!  Park Rangers, armed with a squirt gun, are warning hikers about a rogue bear.  Uh oh...its not a bear.  What it is is a monster so horrific, so evil, so sordid that capturing it appropriately on the screen is impossible. So why even try. Enter Seets (Robbins).  She's sultry in her tight jeans and runs to Jessie and Mickey.  She is being chased and the bickering couple invite her to join them at their cabin.

Seets is a damsel in peril.  Whatever beast is loose in the Florida wilderness wants her...of course, who wouldn't?  She will then try to seduce Mickey and Jessie and drive the couple even further apart.  The blonde babe will even have very sexy red laced intimates on under her clothes.  Hark, the roar outside indicates the beast is getting closer.  Jessie and Mickey argue more and Seets takes the opportunity to increase her seduction of Mickey.  Mickey does not have a prayer.  Jessie is sad and realizes she has made a mistake by trying to work things out with her ex-con husband.  The roar gets louder and a creature of unimaginable horror is practically at the doorstep of this cabin.  Don't worry, the budget of this film will spare you any scares in this matter.  But, even without a budget, Rachel Robbins can still pull off layers of clothes and give a nice seduction show.

Okay. That's enough.  The story is a good one...Rachel Robbins is beautifully cast as the supposed damsel in distress.  Will the beast capture Seets and if so what does it plan to do with her?  Is there any hope for the marriage between Jessie and Mickey?  Will Seets and Mickey engage in a catfight or passion?  However lacking this film is, the cheese factor is impressive and it is far better than any of those Marvel monstrosities.  So, avoid anything with Brie Larson and take in a satisfying Rachel Robbins flick.  See "Indiscretions," you won't regret choosing Ms. Robbins.    

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  1. The great Ronnie Shaw would love this one, great review matey