Friday, December 1, 2023

Obsessions, Peeping Tom Euro-Trash

Euro-Trash...the definition is not needed by readers of this blog.  Suffice it to say there will be Euro-babes in states of nakedness in great peril.  Today we look at a film from The Netherlands.  We will also be reminded in gory detail that minding one's own business is a prudent course of action, even when nakedness and deviance abound.  Our feature today is "Obsessions," directed by Pim de la Parra and co-written by Martin Scorsese. 

Nils (Dieter Geissler) is an idiot.  The schmuck is a medical student about to take his boards.  Instead of studying he watches his deviant neighbor through a peep-hole in the wall.  The deviant (Tom van Beek) is a handsome man who always has euro-babes over for deviant sex and weird deviance in the bathroom.  Psychedelic drugs and bondage are often used by this guy.  Okay, Nils' GF is a babe, Marina (Alexandra Stewart).  Nils and her will have a lot of pre-marital sex and both will engage in gratuitous showers...this is after all... Euro-Trash. Now Marina is interested in what is going on next door.  Nils, instead of studying for his boards, decides to sneak into the apartment when Mr. Deviant leaves.  He'll find psychedelics, a lot of cash, and unconscious babes strung out or in bondage.

Nils will spend a lot of time peeping and investigating.  Unbeknownst to him, Marina believes the deviant is involved in a murder she is investigating for her newspaper.  The former fashion writer turned crime writer may be in over her head.  Nils, in his investigation, seems to conclude his neighbor is a pusher and may be involved in a murder.  One day Nils sneaks in and carries a strung out and naked dame (Vibeke Lokkeberg) back to his own bed.  Who is the deviant now?  The girl sobers up and the two will exchange a small level of passion.  Now both Marina and Nils are targets from unknown killers.  We cheer for Marina because she is a doll...we don't cheer for Nils because he's an idiot.  Then as Marina's news story comes together, and Nils starts seeing things that indicate murder and mayhem, the duo plunge even deeper into the abyss of danger, bondage, hallucinogens, and deviance.

What exactly is going on in the next door apartment?  Because this is Euro-Trash, will Marina die horribly due to a sex crime?  Will Nils ever get to studying for his medical boards?  Erotic, deviant, and compelling.  "Obsessions" is a Euro-Trash film that will disturb you and send you to the showers after the end credits.       

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