Monday, December 25, 2023

The House in Marsh Road, Sultry Blonde Wife and Homicidal Husband

She's quite the dish.  Patricia Dainton plays the very pretty wife in peril in our feature today.  Sure!  This one is pretty standard as far as plot goes.  A gadabout husband, a beautiful wife, marital strife, a stiff inheritance, and a plot to murder.  Yep, throw in a sultry mistress and a poltergeist...wait!  Oh, yes.  A poltergeist!  Did I mention part of that stiff inheritance is a haunted house?  Today we look at one from England, the 1960 film "The House in Marsh Road," directed by Montgomery Tully. 

A young couple with money problems.  The good looking pair go from hotel to hotel always skipping out on the rent.  Jean (Dainton) is sad her husband shows no ability to earn money.  David (Tony Wright) is a gadabout who claims he is writing a novel.  The two begin bickering...then the letter comes.  Jean has inherited a large sum of cash and a big (haunted) house in the country from her aunt.  The two go there and take possession.  Immediately, Patrick the poltergeist makes his presence known.  It/he moves furniture around. Patrick also seems to like Jean and detest David.  Many times David's office will be found in shambles whenever he mistreats Jean.  Then David meets a typist, the floozy, Valerie (Sandra Dorne).  Valerie is, shall we say...a slut.  She'll have David steal money from Jean so she can pay her divorce lawyer.  The two will get quite intimate.

Then Jean finds out about her husband's affair.  After confronting the pair, both Valerie and David believe they must murder Jean and abscond with the inheritance.  Unbeknownst to Valerie and David, Patrick really likes Jean and is resolute about protecting her.  He'll, or it'll have a lot of work to do.  David is quite bent on murdering his pretty wife and has many plans to do just that.  Poltergeists will be poltergeists and a lot of banging, haunting, breaking, and more haunting will be needed if Patrick intends to keep Jean alive.

Who exactly was Patrick and why does he seem to favor Jean?  Will Valerie and David ever get a clue and call in a paranormal investigator?  Is there a nice catfight brewing between the two blonde babes (Jean and Valerie).  This is a nice story and perfect for a stormy night of horror movie watching with a babe GF.  See "The House in Marsh Road," and remember, even when there is no one around...something or someone may be there anyway. 

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