Friday, December 15, 2023

Cyberzone, Pleasure Droids on the Loose

Pleasure droids!  When they do get here, or the Japanese or Chinese make them affordable...women are done!  So long sexual harassment guidelines from the Human Resources Department.  So long to harassment and bullying regulations on college campuses.  So long to mindless drivel about glass ceilings and "empowerment."  Men have had enough!  They're coming...perhaps soon.  Today we look at a Fred Olen Ray film from 1995. "Cyberzone" (aka "Droid Gunner").  This one features some of the best pleasure droids ever put on the silver screen.  The are built to please...and not yap all day. 

Big hunk, Hawks (Matthias Hues), steals four pleasure droids (Lorissa McComas, Brittany Rollins, Meaghan Prester, and Bianca Rocilili) from a starship. These droids are in demand but highly illegal.  Most women are mutants and ugly on Earth, welcome to modern day America, and the pleasure droids command top dollar.  Okay, Jack (Marc Singer), a bounty hunter of droids, is hired by the manufacturer of the droids to find them.  A lot of money is at stake. Assigned to help Jack is Beth (Rochelle Swanson), a technician who can neutralize the droids without blowing them up.  Beth is very snooty but a rarity...a hot woman who is real.  Jack begins his search in seedy strip clubs and brothels. A mutant exotic dancer (Brinke Stevens) gives him a good lead. Now some local hoods led by Chew'Bah (Robert Quarry) are out to kill him.

Jack convinces Beth to dress like a whore...and she looks terrific.  She even likes it.  The two will fall in love. Prowling through brothels and clubs seems to be right down their alleys. Now Jack convinces Hawks to team up with them.  Hawks tells them he delivered the droids to a billionaire in an underwater city, New Angeles. Now, Beth, with not much coaxing, agrees to masquerade as a pleasure droid (a good look for her...and any 21st century woman, for that matter), and sneak into the new undersea city, and help Hawks and Jack find the pleasure droids.  What a plot.

A lot of great pleasure droid/orgy/seduction action in this one.  Will Beth shed her strong empowered woman veneer for a more trashy and likable look?  Will Jack and Beth engage in kinky pre-marital sex?  What will be the fate of the four lovely pleasure droids?  After all...pleasure droids usually don't fare well in these films. Much nudity and shoot-out action make this one a must see.  With lots of cheese and beef, "Cyberzone" is a must see for this holiday season.   

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