Monday, October 16, 2023

Requiem for a Scream, The High Note of Murder

A Tubi original...and a good one!  Always a pleasure to see Cassie Scerbo in horror films, and you will love her in this one.  A lot of this plot is out of those classic 80's slasher films.  An out of the way cabin in the woods.  A babe bringing hunk and babe friends to spend the week-end. A nail gun and bear traps. A psycho killer with no relation to sanity.  The gore will be gut busting and the kills will be vicious and heartbreaking.  Today we look at 2022's "Requiem for a Scream," directed by Ben Meyerson. 

The sultry Taylor Kalupa is a beautiful actress.  Sadly, she'll die quite horribly in the opening scene.  In that scene, a psycho (Michael X. Sommers) with a mask has her bound to a chair and is recording her hitting high notes.  The fiend is recording the scream and using screams of his murder victims to create a symphony. I know, this is probably a similar method that Taylor Swift uses to create her so-called music. Okay, to memorialize her dead sister, Art (Scerbo) invites her and her sister's buddies to a cabin in the wilderness for a weekend.  Art's bestie, Shira (Georgia Leva) is an aspiring comic book writer, travels there with Art.  Also there are Shira's old BF, and Art's potential new BF, Declan (Zachry Roozen).  If you ask me, ole Declan needs an additional dose of manhood...but that's just me, Art seems infatuated with him.

There are a couple of others.  Sadly, Shira, who was my favorite, will get in an argument while the group does karaoke.  She'll storm out and have her throat cut.  The killer has converged on this cabin. But why?  He wants something and it is inside the'll see.  Art and her guests are terrified, especially since Shira is laying in the living room, with her throat cut, assuming room temperature. The killer will strike again and again, but seems to have some attachment to Art.  Art realizes she has to do something to save her and her surviving friends.  A nail gun, a big dagger, an ice pick, bear traps, and a flare gun will all have some part to play in the bloody and vicious final half of this film.

Will Art and any of her friends survive this film?  Why is this killer interested in Art and this cabin?  Are the screeching screams recorded by the killer taken off Taylor Swift albums?  For a terrific slasher film with heartbreaking kills, and a nice ending, see "Requiem for a Scream."  

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