Thursday, October 26, 2023

Halloween Girl...Book Two: The Reckoning, A Comic Book Review

This is the third Richard T. Wilson "Halloween Girl" comic I have blogged about. As Halloween nears, the creative nature in all of us is tickled, and Mr. Wilson has given us a spooky story that will stroke our creative juices in this ghostly time of year.  Today we return to the beautiful Charlotte, taken from life too early.  Mr. Wilson's Charlotte finds herself in a weird state between life and death.  In the past she has dealt with spider monsters, and malevolent ghosts.  Now Charlotte has a task to do.  She won't be coming back to life but the world of the living is keeping some sordid secrets that won't allow her to rest.  Charlotte is a sultry high school gal, or was, and now is a sultry ghost with issues.  Today we look at Mr. Wilson's "Halloween Girl,  Book Two: The Reckoning."

Our beautiful ghost traipses through the graveyard in which she is interred.  Nothing about Charlotte is happenstance.  She meets a young boy, Luke.  Luke is timid and bullied and a little bit different than most ten year old boys.  He can see dead people, or more specifically, he can see Charlotte.  Charlotte and Luke hit it off.  They talk friends, candy, and graveyard stuff.  Luke senses Charlotte cares for him and he develops an intense need to see her and get to know her even more.  Alas, Charlotte's existence is not a total secret.  When Luke returns home his mother, Marie, is frightened to learn about her son's new buddy.

Marie leads a tortured existence, though we don't know why.  She seems like a prisoner in their out of the way and gloomy abode.  Like Charlotte, Marie has secrets.  The secrets she has are toxic and threaten her relationship with Luke.  No spoilers here but this may be Mr. Wilson's darkest "Halloween Girl" book yet.  No spider monsters but dread and haunts permeate the entire work.  The artwork suggests this.  It also suggests a dichotomy of Charlotte's nature.  Is she benevolent or malevolent?  You will decide.  But!  She's a most of us will choose to come down on her side especially in the shocking final reveal.

Why is Charlotte so attached to Luke?  What secrets does Marie hold and why is she choosing to live in seclusion with her son?  Are there any hunk ghosts in the netherworld that may be able to court Charlotte?  Spooky, ominous, and incredibly Halloween in spirit, Mr. Wilson gives us a fantastic comic with a babe ghost you will develop quite a crush on.  Read "Halloween Girl...Book Two: The Reckoning" this Halloween.       

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