Thursday, October 26, 2023

Island of the Living Dead, A Bruno Mattei Spectacular

Yvonne Yzon!  Filipina/Chinese/Spanish actress, model and dancer...major league babe.  She'll star in our film today which is quite possibly her magnum opus.  She'll wear a tight blouse, some nice shorts, sweat a lot, wield a shotgun and stakes, and fend off zombies and vampires.  I bet Meryl Streep never did anything remotely similar. Today we look at Bruno Mattei's 2007 epic, "Island of the Living Dead."  Filmed in The Philippines and featuring a cast of hundreds of zombies and vampires...and Yvette Yzon.

In 1688 a Spanish Galleon hit rocks and washed up on a mysterious island.  The Spaniards are all eaten by zombies and vampires but leave a treasure of gold and jewels.  Present day, Captain Kirk (Gaetano Russo) leads a bunch of treasure hunters on a voyage to find gold at the bottom of the Pacific.  A fog bank causes his ship to hit rocks and now his crew are castaways on this same island, which is uncharted.  Sharon (Yzon) is our favorite castaway.  She sweats a lot and wears her tight get up nicely.  Victoria (Ydalia Suarez) is also a babe and yells a lot.  Fred (Alvin Anson) is a hunk and may have an interest in Sharon...who wouldn't?'  There are a few more...brutes who also sweat a lot. The team finds ruins of an old fort and decide to seek refuge inside.  Bad idea.

The zombies appear first and there are thousands of them.  The gals will scream a lot and the guys will come up with plans that get them all separated inside the castle.  A lot of treasure chests are found, all guarded by weird vampires of Spanish descent.  Now the vampires lust for Sharon and Victoria and the guys will have to fight them off, and the zombies.  Maggot infested wine will be ingested. Flesh will be eaten off some of the castaways.  Grim Reapers will make moves on Sharon.  Captain Kirk will meet the ghost of the captain of the Spanish Galleon that wrecked in 1688.  None of this bodes well for Sharon or the others.  Bad decisions will cause the survivors to keep getting separated and hunted by vampires and zombies.  Finally Sharon and hunk Mark (Gary King Roberts) come up with a plan.  Not a good one...but one that will lead to much gore.

Will the sweaty Sharon and Victoria get into a catfight?  Will Captain Kirk have Scottie beam them all up?  Will the vampires or zombies end up with the babes?  Gory to the max!  There are creepy ghosts, zombies, or vampires in just about every scene.  Bruno Mattei opens the flood gates on these ghoulish creatures and even the beautiful may fall to them.  For some great zombie fare, in the style of Lucio Fulci's "Zombie," see "Island of the Living Dead."

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