Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Pillow Party Massacre, Babes Misbehaving and Gutted

All women are caddy psychos!  All men are useless!  Throw the two together and we have a neat slasher film with great gore.  Oh yes...there will be a gratuitous pillow fight that includes scantily clad babes.  Gritty reality at its best.  What do nubile college chicks do when they're alone together?  Pillow fights in undies and jammies of course.  Oh yes...there will be a slasher with a big machete nearby.  For what America has become, use this film as a metaphor.  A land of pillow fights, men being stupid, and babes being psycho.  Makes you cheer for the knife wielding deviants out there.  Today we look at 2023's "Pillow Party Massacre," directed by Calvin Morie McCarthy.

This didn't go well.  Pranks at high school dances rarely do.  Ashley (Savannah Raye Jones), quite the babe leaves her five buddies to go make out with her boyfriend in a restroom.  Carter (Sebastian Bjorn) gets Ashley to strip naked...then FLASH!!!  Her buddies swing open the stall door and Ashley sees it is now all on video.  Driven mad with humiliation, Ashley puts a bullet in Carter's head and is delivered to a mental asylum for the criminally insane.  Two years later, the gals are coeds and back home for a funeral. Sam (Laura Welsh) is guilt ridden about the incident but hesitantly agrees to meet her babe buddies at a lake cabin in the woods for a reunion weekend.  Right...see what's coming?

The gals are all babes.  Mikki (Nicolette Pullen) will be knifed before anyone else gets there.  She was dancing and pulling off her top when the masked killer got her. Now Sam, Barbra (Chynna Rae Shurts), Alana (Jax Kellington), and Miles (Allegra Sweeney) arrive.  They'll sunbathe, have pillow fights, play Truth or Dare, and start talking about their guilt for what they did to Ashley. Oh yes...Alana's bikini...simply fascinating, and very skimpy. Uh oh...reports on the radio suggest someone has just escaped from the mental asylum.  Of course some boyfriends show up...they'll be gutted.  Park rangers will look out for the gals...they'll be gutted.  Now the killer converges on the four surviving babes.  Not all will remain pretty, I'm afraid.

Did Ashley escape from the asylum to murder her former friends who humiliated her two years ago?  Is that too easy, and is the killer one of the babes in the cabin?  If these women had real men as boyfriends instead of clueless dweebs, would we be having this discussion?  This is a goody and pays nice homage to those 1980s slasher films.  Standard, maybe, but a great looking cast and some really gory kills make "Pillow Party Massacre" a worthwhile take on movienight.

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