Friday, October 20, 2023

Garden of the Dead, Zombie Lifers

We know nothing about Susan Charney...except her cleavage soothes the savage beast...or zombie.  You have to give her a movie about sweaty guys in a southern prison farm, she graces the screen in a pink negligee that flatters her cleavage.  There will be grunting brute lifers, a lot of sweat, digging, pick-axes, and zombies...oh yeah, a sultry big breasted babe in a pink negligee.  Yes!!!  Today we look at 1972's "Garden of the Dead," which probably graced the drive-ins, directed by John Hayes. 

Okay, a sadistic warden (Philip Kenneally) brutally presides over a prison farm.  The mostly equally sadistic inmates do things like dig and move big rocks.  To help their life sentences go faster, the prisoners sniff formaldehyde (embalming fluid). I guess they all picked the wrong week to stop sniffing trat stuff. There is a good soul of an inmate, Paul (Mayland Proctor). His hot waitress GF, Carol (Charney) drives to the prison fence and she and Paul gawk at one another.  One day a kind guard, McGee (Lee Frost), allows him to step outside the fence so he can suck face with Carol for one minute.  All the other prisoners watching get hard-ons and now all fantasize about raping Carol.  We're not sure if this excites Carol, but she seems pretty devoted to Paul.

Okay, during a prison break, the warden and the guards get in a shootout with six escaping convicts and kill them.  The poor souls, all were addicted to sniffing embalming fluid, are buried in shallow graves.  The prisoners get up out of their shallow graves, grab pick-axes and shovels, and go on a murderous rampage aimed at the living.  The ghouls go by an RV in which Carol is in bed in her pink negligee, kill the owners of the RV, and now Carol is on the her cleavage flattering pink negligee.  Carol runs to the prison farm, is allowed in, and now the ghouls are close behind.  The ghouls attack the yard...kill a lot of prisoners and guards, and demand Carol be given to them, with her cleavage flattering pink negligee, or they will continue their spree.  Now the remaining inmates, guards, and Carol with her impressive cleavage must work together and plot how they will survive and fight back.

Will Carol, in her cleavage flattering pink negligee, become the plaything of undead lifers?  Does Paul stand a chance to resume his love affair with Carol as the drooling ghouls lay claim to her?  If embalming fluid brings the dead back to life...well...okay, never mind.  This is a fun drive-in type film with a great performance by Ms. Charney as the nubile dame in much peril.  For some good 'undead' horror, see "Garden of the Dead."  

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