Thursday, October 12, 2023

Unnatural, Monster Bear Eats a Bikini Photo Shoot

A frozen lake in Alaska for a bikini photo shoot?  What could go wrong.  You'll see.  Oh yes...Sherilyn Fenn from "Twin Peaks" as a mad scientist? Sure...after all, look who our so-called "president" is.  In the style of 1979's "Prophecy," only with a better looking cast, we have 2015's "Unnatural." A wilderness horror film complete with a big genetically created monster, bear traps, bikini babes in much peril, and gore.  Put on your parka and make sure the generator is filled with gas, and let us look at a neat creature feature type film directed by Hank Braxton.

At a secret research lab, contracted by our government, mad scientists have genetically altered a bear and now it is a monster.  Of course, it gets loose and eats two mad scientists as a third, Hanna (Fenn) escapes. Meanwhile, obnoxious photographer Brooking (Ron Carlson) arrives by plane at the Black Rabbit Lodge in Alaska's wilderness.  With him are two bikini models, Quincy (Allegra Carpenter) and Ella (Ivana Korab). Don't get too attached to these two babes.  The lodge is run by Martin (James Remar) who is aware of the reputation of the so-called research facility.  He has a very lovely cook, Lily (Q'orianka Kilcher)...we like her a lot.

Carnage ensues. Brooking brings his models to a frozen lake for the shoot.  Their bikinis are terrific but Ella will be eaten by the monster bear. Nate (Gregory Cruz), Martin's trusty assistant, will also be eaten.  Now the monster has homed in on a food source and terrorizes the lodge.  Hanna makes it to the lodge but won't be much help.  It is her experiment, and that is where her loyalties reside.  With more babes in the cabin, including Lily...who we really like, James tries to find a way to defend against the thing.  Brooking is a coward and a very shallow pervert...he'll be of no help.  With no help coming, all out war ensues.  The beautiful will die horribly and Hanna will emerge as quite the villain.

Will any of the bikini babes survive?  Okay, stupid question.  Is Lily too good to die horribly?  Will James be able to kill the monster bear...and Hanna?  This is an enjoyable and standard creature feature film.  As the winter nears, enjoy a cold weather horror film and put on "Unnatural."

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