Sunday, October 22, 2023

R BnB, When Psychos Run the Joint

Wow...what an ending!  I mean, the ending was good enough and then...well, you'll see. I'm not a psychologist but I did stay at an Holiday Inn Express...and so I know not to stay at B&Bs run by the mentally unstable.  Of course, much of America is run by "the unstable." Still, give me a free continental breakfast and 1,000 points just for staying.  If Norman Bates did not teach you that, well, take a look at Robert Mann's "R BnB," which can boast of a terrific cast, and true horror.

The 28 year old Mia (Bryanna McQueeney) is quite the babe! A year ago she married the much older Ryan (Ryon Thomas).  He may be quite a bit older but he still has some hunkiness to him...though gray hunkiness at that. Ryan's sister, Jennifer (Gloria Mann) is not happy her brother married a much younger woman.  In her mind, Mia is merely out for Ryan's money.  The tension between Jennifer and Mia is thick.  Now Ryan, who is having health problems, and Mia head to a romantic getaway at a country B&B.  They arrive and are met by the quirky owners, Aubree (Savannah Whitten) and Kylo (Alex Galick).  She's a babe and he's a hunk...both exude mental instability.  Oh yeah...Ryan and Mia love having sex...on the car, in the woods, in their room, and probably in many other places.

Creepiness begins right away.  Kylo and Aubree appear to be doting on Mia and Ryan.  Why?  Kylo seems to embody carnal viciousness.  Maybe its the crossbow he wields.  Aubree seems attracted to a special way.  By the time Mia and Ryan sense what we are already sensing...well, the excrement has already hit the fan.  Now Mia and Ryan are prey for these two lunatics.  Aubree has an erotic desire to get into Mia's pants...but her desire is for much more.  Kylo grabs his crossbow and sets his sights on Ryan.  What happens next is shocking.  Then what happens after that is uber-shocking. Oh!  Remember Ryan's sister?  Well she looks like she's training for the zombie apocalypse...and this may cause difficulties for all involved.  You'll see.

Just what do Aubree and Kylo want with Mia and Ryan?  Exactly who does Jennifer figure on taking out her wrath on?  Are there some good catfights brewing here?  The acting is terrific.  The twists are taboo and shocking.  Ms. McQueeney is quite the damsel in distress...or is she? See "R BnB" and cash in your Marriott points instead of booking at a quaint B&B.  Really.  This could have been a standard but satisfying horror film. Fortunately Mr. Mann went above and beyond and has given us a terrifying shocker with imagery that will haunt you way after Halloween has passed.    

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