Thursday, March 2, 2023

Killers Within, Regular Folks vs. The Illuminati

We don't have a chance.  Nope...working peeps will always be stomped on by the richest of the richest...The Illuminati.  The Klaus Schwabs of the world are above the law.  They have all our elected officials on the take.  They control the media.  They control Hollywood. They even have the pope and King Charles in their back pocket.  The likes of Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Jeff Bezos, The Clinton crime family...and even the mentally challenged Bush family laugh at our plight.  How could they be so inhuman?  Let us look at a neat film from Ireland, 2018's "Killers Within," directed by Paul Bushe and Brian O'Neill.

Working class folk have it tough.  Single mom, and cop, Amanda (Sue Walsh) is quite the babe.  While playing with her small son in the park, Russian gangsters attack her, pummel her, and make off with her son.  Amanda's ex was also a cop, Rick (Jeff Doyle).  He was fired for stealing from the evidence room.  Seems a group of Russian gangsters he put away just got out of prison and blame him for the loss of a fortune.  Now the thugs want 600,000 Euros for the son's return.  With great tension, Amanda and Rick work together...and Rick has a foolproof plan to get their son back.  He enlists his stupid friends.  The plan?  Do a home invasion of a rich bank executive, hold his family hostage at gunpoint, and make the exec, Philip (Andrew Murray), go back to the bank and withdraw 6 million Euros!  Yeah...this will work.

The plan starts off well...our regular folks secure the home.  Also home is Philip's wife Sarah (Sinead O'Riordan), hot teen daughter Claire (Saoirse Long), and small son.  Rick will drive to the bank with Philip.  Uh oh!  Is someone else in the house?  This would seem so as one of the gang members has his throat ripped out.  Uh oh again, the small boy is missing and Claire turns seductress.  What is going on?  Well, not all is as it seems.  The little folk in society can never catch a break, it seems.  The Illuminati class seem here to perpetually toy with the proletariat.  Bloody carnage ensues and guns aren't helping.  No spoilers'll see what is going on...and the social metaphor is dead on.

What else is in the house with the gang that can't shoot straight?  What secrets is the banker's family hiding?  Are there vampires in the house or is it something more pertinent to the social injustices that rule western Europe?  This is a bloody one and very satisfying.  So, submit to the authority, obey your elected officials, and don't complain...and you will be able to enjoy "Killers Within."      

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