Thursday, March 16, 2023

Blacktop, Cowgirls Turned Into Meat Loaf

"Paradise By the Dashboard Lights" may be the most important song a teenager could ever listen to.  The Meat Loaf hit details the dangers of pre-marital sex to impressionable youths...with help from Phil Rizzuto. Once teens become college aged or in their 20s, appropriate guidance is still needed.  So you nubile lasses out there, wasting your time at truck stop dives or country western bars...Meat Loaf has some more guidance for you.  Don't talk to weird guys!  Today's feature is 2000's "Blacktop," directed by T.J. Scott.

David (Lochlyn Munro) is a comedian who entertains at truck stop bars.  He's a hit.  His girlfriend, Sylvia (Kristin Davis) accompanies him but she's had enough.  She wants to settle down, get married, and have a family.  David wants to tell jokes.  Uh oh...cowgirl Charlie (Victoria Pratt) comes on to him...and serial killer truck driver Jack (Meat Loaf) comes on to Sylvia.  An argument ensues and Sylvia runs out on Jack.  Hovering in his truck, nearby, is serial killer Jack who is all too happy to give Sylvia a ride.  Jack seems did Ted Bundy.  Now David realizes what he is losing...and also puts two and two together and realizes Jack is a serial killer of beautiful truck stop beauties. 

Now the chase is on.  Jack seems all too willing to leave clues on the road so David can follow.  When Jack runs David off the road, Charlie just so happens to come by.  Now Charlie is helping him.  So sad...sultry Charlie's fate will be heartbreaking.  Now Sylvia is made to understand Jack is a serial killer.  Bodies hanging in a meat locker in the back of the truck is one clue.  Now Jack begins playing a game with David and Sylvia.  He's manipulative and depraved.  In Jack's world, David does not deserve Sylvia.  He intends to make the comedian earn Sylvia back...but does he really intend to let Sylvia live?

Will Jack learn to take anything serious and put together a credible offense against the serial killer truck driver?  If Charlie the cowgirl had lived, would David have tried this hard to reclaim Sylvia?  Does Sylvia have a prayer at surviving given her potential hero is a comedian in truck stops?  This is a good serial killer flick and it is terrific seeing Meat Loaf as the psycho.  For some good cat and mouse horror, see "Blacktop."  

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