Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Vampyres, Euro-Trash Goes Full Deviance

Euro-Trash to the max!  How can you tell?  The opening scene.  When two Euro-babes are having passionate lesbian sex...this may be Euro-trash.  In the throes of pleasure and deviance, a gunman enters the bed chamber and blows both naked and sweaty babes away in a deluge of bullets.  No, not the opening scene for "The King's Speech," but rather a Spanish/English Euro-Trash film you know as 1974's "Vampyres."  Sultry lesbian vampires having a lot of carnal relations, murdering a lot, and having a lot of straight sex...who watches this filth?!

Two beautiful vampires, Fran (Marianna Morris) and Miriam (Anulka Dziubinska) prowl a lonely country road and hitchhike.  Men who stop for them will enjoy passionate sex back at their mansion and then be savagely attacked for their blood.  The duo have a pretty good gig going.  As for the men...well, if one was allowed to choose the way he died...at the hands of these two Euro-babes may top the list.  Enter Ted (Murray Brown), a mysterious fellow.  He stops to give Fran a ride and finds himself in bed with her.  The pre-marital sex will be elongated and passionate.  Fran is kind of intrigued by him and allows him to live.  Little does Ted know, he is now a prisoner at the mansion of the vampire chicks.

Fran and Miriam continue their hanky panky and continue to stop motorists, invite them home, have sex with them...and drain them of blood.  Fran will continue to drink from Ted.  Fran and Miriam will have some very erotic sex with one another.  Oh wait!  Did I mention hunk John (Brian Deacon) and his babe GF, Harriett (Sally Faulkner)?  They are camping near the mansion and Harriett becomes intrigued by the comings and goings of the two vampires.  She'll end up naked and too curious and you won't believe what happens.  Sound fun and frolicky?  The last ten minutes of this film, no matter how devilishly erotic it may be, will be horrific and gratuitous. 

Is keeping Ted alive a big mistake for Fran and Miriam?  Will Harriett's curiosity land her on the menu or in bed with Fran and Miriam?  Is "Vampyres" a thinly veiled metaphor for the feminist movement in western Europe during the 1970s?  This is definitely a guilty pleasure.  For some forbidden thrills, see "Vampyres," and then take a long shower.  

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