Friday, March 24, 2023

Damon's Revenge, More Indian Carnage and Hunks and Babes Dying Horribly

Yep!  We have all screamed for it.  The movie makers listened! Lo' and behold...we finally have a sequel, after less than a year, to "Burial Ground Massacre." And yes!  We have that, too.  The lovely Chelsea Vale will have another gratuitous and nude shower scene.  Now here is the even better news.  She will be joined in the shower with the lovely and nude Hannah Dannelly!  Is this crucial to the plot?  Well...more crucial than the big hairy chewy thing is to the plots of the "Star Wars" don't judge!  Today we look at 2022's Damon's Revenge," directed by David Gere. 

This one picks up immediately after "Burial Ground Massacre" ends. Adrianna (Vale) is set on revenge against the corrupt Indian chief (Christopher C. Romero). She ticks him off and the Chief now sets out to murder Adrianna.  Uh oh...the same chief betrayed Damon...and Damon (Michael Madsen) is bent on murdering the chief.  Then there is Sheriff Walsh (Tom Sizemore...yes, the TOM SIZEMORE). He's investigating the homicides of all the babes and hunks at the old burial ground. Enough on him. Enter Tina (Dannelly).  She is all babe...and all for exploring deviant sexuality.  Eventually she will end up in a shower with Adrianna...but let's move on.  Tina's family owns a lake house near the old burial ground, and Adrianna accepts an invite to spend the weekend there.

Party time. Tina's babe and hunk friends also show up...they will all die horribly...enough about them. Tina has a jacuzzi and there will be shirtless hunks and bikini clad babes frequenting it...and dying in it. The Chief and his henchmen are headed that is Damon...and so is town psycho, Johnny (Tom DeNucci). Johnny? Never mind him...did I mention the shower scene with Adrianna and Tina? Two young women exploring their sexuality...while madmen, ghosts, and irate Indians converge.  Now, there's a fetish for you!  More of the plot?  Oh, please!  The beautiful will die horribly!  The handsome will die horribly? The socially aggrieved peoples will die horribly?  But what will be the fates of Tina and Adrianna?

Will a third being be introduced into the aforementioned shower scene?  Will Damon get to the Chief before the Chief gets to Adrianna?  Will Tina's sexual exploration be a plot device in the third "Burial Ground Massacre" story?  Gratuitous and violent...probably not the feel good film for the native peoples of our land, "Damon's Revenge" is a must see for those who love cheesy horror films.  

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