Saturday, March 18, 2023

Highwaymen, Demolition Derby Horror and Rhona Mitra

At the risk of being yelled at, I need to say that Rhona Mitra may be done.  With her portrayal of Sonja in the third "Underworld" film, as Rachel in "Skinwalkers," and as Eden in "Doomsday," her movie career was flourishing in the first several years of the 21st century. I do eagerly await for her to make another film we all want to see...TV fare is, as far as I'm concerned...minor league.  Ms. Mitra is one of my favorite actresses, and like Kate Beckinsale, the last ten years of this 21st century has progressed without them.  Today we look at a fine Rhona Mitra horror thriller, 2004's "Highwaymen," directed by Robert Harmon.

Five years ago, Cray (James Caviezel) witnesses a madman named Fargo (Colm Feore) mow his wife down with his car.  Hit and run.  Five years later, Cray is looking for this psycho who now drives a Cadillac El Dorado.  Fargo mows down beautiful women he finds on the road and takes a souvenir  from their corpse.  Wanting revenge for the murder of his wife, Cray has chased him cross country and is bent on killing him.  Listening to police radios and CBs, Cray does a pretty good job at tracking this creep. Fargo?  Fargo has several prosthetics including one of his arms and both legs.  This guy has fitted his body into his El Dorado which acts as his body.  One night he mows down Alex' (Andrea Roth) in a tunnel.  Molly (Mitra) is a passenger in Alex' vehicle and survives.  Molly's big problem is that Fargo does not like to leave witnesses.

Cray shows up with his 1968 Plymouth Barracuda and lets Molly know the murderer in the El Dorado will come back for her.  He does. Now Molly and Cray join forces.  We are let in on Cray's backstory and the real reason why the two are bound together in this duel of death.  However disabled Fargo is, his El Dorado and him abduct Molly and use her as bait to lure Cray.  Fargo intends to murder Cray and then Molly.  You'll see what happens.  The murders on the roads are graphic, well shot, and fiery.  After Molly's friends are murdered, she is almost forced to join Cray in his obsession with killing Fargo.

Does Cray have any prayer of finally ending Fargo's reign of terror? Will Cray become a little less obsessed with Fargo and find time to have pre-marital sex with Molly?  Would 2023 Hollywood screw up a remake because of their whack-ball environmentalism by insisting the two cars be a Prius and a Chevy Volt?   Rhona Mitra is sultry as a damsel in much distress.  Both James Caviezel and Colm Feore are terrific as two gritty homicidal motorists.  For a great highway cat and mouse horror flick, see "Highwaymen."  


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