Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Ouija Nazi, Nazi Hatchet Man Guts Sorority Babes

Sorority babes gutted by a ghost Nazi with a machete?!  Oh, yes!  Is there any more of a perfect plot than this?  Pure poetry!  The sorority babes...often nude...in skimpy clad costumes...spanking each other and getting into catfights...slaughtered by a National Socialist fiend.  Why, oh why are we all smiling!?  As National Socialism has arisen again in The Ukraine and their Azov Battalion...American sorority sisters will fall victim to a more domestic threat.  Today we look at 2014's "Ouija Dawn" (aka "Nazi Dawn") directed by Dennis Devine.

There is a lot here...we'll not have time to touch on much of it. The sultry Dawn (Kristen Casner), who eventually will be clad in a black Nazi dominatrix outfit, is a sorority pledge.  Sorority president, the sultry Eve (Lora McHugh), leads Dawn around on a leash...literally. Eve orders Dawn to bark, beg, and sit.  She even spanks Eve. Okay...also of note is the weird but sultry witch sorority babe Agness (Veronica Ricci), sultry sorority lesbians Fiona (Jennifer Van Heeckeren) and Alex (Laura Azevedo), and redheaded Alyson (Kelly Erin Decker), and Dee (Ashley Rose).  They'll don bikinis and then tight evening wear. Then a hidden chest is uncovered and opened.  This releases the evil Nazi spirit of hatchet SS guy Van Holly, Dawn's great grand father.

Now the spirit of Van Holly possesses poor souls and begins gutting, beheading, and sacrificing sultry sorority babes.  Eve continues to spank Dawn, and catfights occur between the sultry sisters.  There will be gratuitous shower scenes... gratuitous implant scenes...gratuitous gore...and a lot of bondage and BDSM misdeeds.  It is a sorority, after all.  Uh oh for Eve...the sultry Dawn will change her tune about joining the sorority and stop acting as a scared poodle. 

Can any person or group be so sordid as to make us cheer for the SS machete henchman of the Third Reich? Is bondage, BDSM, and a dominatrix in Nazi garb too tasteless for American audiences? Yeah...right...remember, the American public flock to DC and Marvel garbage...this movie is at least a step up intellectually. Will Dawn turn the tables on Eve, and if so, will Eve keep her pretty little head? Fine...be repulsed that this film was even made...then when no one is around...tune into "Ouija Dawn."   

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