Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Pep Squad, Prom Queen Hopefuls Dying Horribly

Yeah...one might call this film a bargain basement "Carrie."  However, while "Carrie" was a bit shallow, short on social commentary, and over-acted, 1998's "Pep Squad," directed by Steve Balderson is filled with contemporary social commentary and even has a bobbing for marshmallow orgy.  If you are looking for moviemakers to outline, pay attention to balance, and story board...stop reading now.  If you are looking for cheese, gratuitous nudity and violence, and a lot of homicide, stay tuned. 

Prom is coming up at Oak Hill High and hunk student president Scott (Adrian Pujol) will crown the queen at the conclusion of the prom.  He announces the eight finalists, which include the bisexual Julie (Summer Makovkin) and the clean cut babe Beth (Jennifer Dreiling).  Oh yes, bitchy conniver Terra (Amy Kelly) is also a finalist.  Who isn't a finalist?  Better question.  Psycho Cherry (Brooke Balderson) is not a finalist.  In a very homicidal snit, Cherry decides to murder all the finalists.  She'll embark on this quest mowing down beautiful high schoolers.  Uh oh...psychos aren't the only ones with issues in high school.  Beth is the new target for rape and molestation by pervert principal Mr. Anderson (Eric Sherman).

Julie, Scott, and Beth form a friendship.  Cherry continues arming herself and murdering.  Terra plots an angle to be named Prom Queen.  What ensues is more murder,  more nubile babes getting mauled, the aforementioned orgy,  schoolgirl rivalry, deviant sex...and a whole slew of other minor characters emerging as potential serial killers.  When Cherry joins Beth, Scott, and Julie in a weird and twisted plot of revenge, more bodies will fall and the fate of the new Prom Queen, whoever it is, is sealed in blood.

What will happen to the babe who is eventually named Prom Queen?  Will Beth, Scott, and Julie pay with their own blood for making a bargain with psycho Cherry?  Does Terra really know what she is in for by angling to be Prom Queen?  Perhaps a metaphor for what is really happening in American high school. Or perhaps this film is just a vehicle for nudity, deviance with marshmallows, and brutal homicide.  All good, whatever way you choose to view it.  Watch "Pep Squad" and see what might have been if Stephen King took a moment to think before penning "Carrie."  

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