Sunday, November 6, 2022

I Like Bats, If Emmanuelle was a Vampire

I know we're looking at a vampire film today. A nice Euro-trash vampire film, at that.  Still, 1986's "I Like Bats" (directed by Grzegorz Warchol) has the aura of one of those 1970s "Emmanuelle" films. Our sultry Euro-babe vampire is naked a lot...skinny dips...engages in steamy and sweaty sex...and is a nymphomaniac.  Still, we have horror as our babe vampire frolics and loves using seduction and fangs along the way.  Today we look at one from Poland.  Okay, I'm hearing you guys already.  No! A frolicking and sex crazed vampire is not a metaphor for your exes...I don't care if they sucked the life out of you...we're dealing with something different here...I think.

The sultry blonde Izabela (Katarzyna Walter) works in her weird aunt's (Malgorzata Lorentowicz) curiosity shop.  Her aunt wants her to meet a guy and get married, but Izabela does not appear to be interested.  In reality, by night, Izabela turns into a seductress and attracts men...then bites their necks.  The bodies pile up but the cops have no clues.  Then Izabela meets Dr. Rudolf (Marek Barbasiewicz), a psychiatrist...and she is in love.  Big problem for her...he's not interested (maybe he's divorced). She scams her way into his institute in the country saying she is a nymphomaniac...which she is.  The treatment is weird.  Nymphomaniac nurses are having steamy sex and Izabela wants some too.

Then the murders begin inside the asylum...Izabela needs blood and men need...well, her.  Big mistake on their part.  Other weird experiments suggest Izabela really is a vampire.  Now Rudolf may be at a point where he believes her.  Skinny dipping...steamy sweaty sex in the greenhouse, murder, and one weird mad doctor and his twisted asylum await.  You'll see.  As Rudolf allows himself to fall in love with Izabela, the surrounding cast gets more insane...and dies at a greater rate.

If Rudolf does fall in love with Izabela...will she bite him, too?  Is steamy and sweaty sex a good cure for vampirism?  Is Izabela a metaphor for women of western civilization...suck the life and soul out of men? Still...if you have a fondness for those old "Emmanuelle" films, and also love vampire films...and Euro-trash...see "I Like Bats." 

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