Friday, November 4, 2022

An Angel for Satan, Love Shredded

This is Barbara Steele's final Italian Gothic horror film.  No one says Gothic Italian horror like Barbara Steele.  The exotic beauty would make more horror films but possession and witchcraft just ooze out of her very being in her 1960s films.  Okay, stop it.  All you divorced guys out there...I'm talking about Barbara Steele, not your ex wives.  Today we look at the horrific and haunting 1966 film "An Angel for Satan," directed by Camillo Mastrocinque.

Robert (Anthony Steffen) arrives at an island in the lake.  He's a mediocre artist and not swift on the uptake...but he is a hunk.  He has been summoned to the island where Count Montebruno (Claudio Gora) will host him at his mansion/villa. Robert will be asked to restore a 200 year old statue of one of his ancestors that has just been recovered from the lake. The statue is cursed and the woman who it was crafted after was a witch.  Yep...people who come into contact with the statue die horribly.  Also arriving at the villa is the Count's niece, Harriet (Steele).  She's stunning and is ready to assume the role of the Mistress of the estate.  Her and Robert fall in love.  Yep...she's a spitting image of her 200 year old witch ancestor.

As all babes do...Harriet gets possessed and changes. Now stop it...This is not a metaphor for every young woman out divorced guys have got to get over it!  Back to the film...The possessed Harriet causes chaos with the young lovers.  Beautiful babes in the island will die horribly and young men will also die horribly.  Everyone in love sees their relationships end in carnage, homicide, or butchery.  Harriet will seduce hunk and babe alike...and turn the lovers against one another.  Finally Robert gets a clue.  I guess he originally figured Harriet was behaving like most women. Now Robert, after witnessing some horrific and heartbreaking murders, acts.  Some of the scenes in this film are disturbing and will leave some haunting images in your brain long after your ex-wife has sued your butt off.

Will Harriet's possession lead to her and Robert's demise?  Is being possessed by a 200 year old dead witch something many young men have theorized about their girlfriends?  Should Robert have tried a good swift kick in the behind to exorcize Harriet early on in this film?  This is a good one and Barbara Steele shows why she is one of the greatest horror actresses of all time.  See "An Angel for Satan," and be careful...your wife or girlfriend has equally as gory stories of how you have changed over recent times.  

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