Thursday, November 10, 2022

Night of the Tommyknockers, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Meets Feast

A good old fashioned Western with greed as its theme.  A horror flick where a motley crew of survivors inside a bar fight off monsters.  The Mahal Empire has combined the two to give us 2022's "Night of the Tommyknockers," directed by Michael Su. There will be toothy and hungry man-eating fiends, saloon girls in peril, gunfighters, babes with guns, and all out war.  Michael Su and the Mahal Empire continue to give us fabulous horror films with lots of blood and cheese.  

Dirk (Richard Grieco) and his gang roll into town and pull off a bloody bank robbery.  In a shoot-out, they escape.  The gang is on the run and includes an inside-man (babe, actually), the gun-toting, fast talking Betsy (Angela Cole).  Uh oh...they next pull into another town...the wrong town, to say the least.  Miners in a nearby gold mine blew a wall out to reach a gold deposit.  They found gold...and the toothy monsters that guard it.  By the time Dirk and gang reach the town, it has been reduced to a veritable ghost town by the hungry monsters .  Every survivor in the town is holed up in a saloon and adjacent cathouse...this is so good!  Soon Sheriff Steed (Tom Sizemore) fills Dirk in.  Oh yes, Dirk's number two guy, Lucky (Robert LaSardo) stays outside and battles the creatures in the graveyard...what a guy.

The motley crew of survivors seem ill equipped and mistakenly believe Dirk, Betsy, Lucky, and a few others are their saviors...probably not, sadly. Even better, a homicidal bounty hunter (Michael Beran) follows Dirk and his peeps to the besieged town. He aims to kill every gang member.  In the saloon, blonde babe Julia (Jessica Morris) may just have a way to fight the monsters.  As the stand-off extends, the monsters get more aggressive and begin eating saloon girls and gunfighter alike, as well as conducting raids into the saloon.  As Dirk shows no compunction to going on a noble path, Julia starts using her brains and enlists Fred (BJ Mezek) in her plot.  Now the fiends and Dirk seem to vie for the title of head monster in this once dusty town.

Is there any way Julia, Fred, and other survivors can overcome toothy menaces and cranky bank robbers? Would Humphrey Bogart in the above mentioned classic have held on to his quest for gold as long as he did if toothy monsters were a condition to possessing it?  Gunfights!  Saloon gals!  Blonde babes with guns!  Michael Su has given us everything we want in this film.  Horror and the Old West is a combination that the Mahal Empire wisely concocted to give us all a thrilling ride.  For a great action flick with blood and guns, see "Night of the Tommyknockers," which will be released on November 25. 

Trailer for this film, click on this link Tommyknockers Trailer on YouTube     

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