Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Halloween Girl, The Complete Graphic Novel

Last May I reviewed the first two comic books of what would eventually be part of an entire graphic novel, "Halloween Girl."  Today, I am pleased to say, I am going to expound on the completed graphic novel by Richard T. Wilson.  Mr. Wilson has given us a heroine, Charlotte, and she is a babe...sadly, she is also a ghost.  The sultry ghost-babe faced so much peril from an evil cult/order, spider creatures, and other otherworldly dangers.  Alas, her perils will only intensify as the completed graphic novel adds about 75% to the story.  Mr. Wilson will take us beyond the evils he wrote about in the first two chapters and deliver us to into a world of deadly betrayals, more creatures, conniving demons, and the brink of our world's apocalypse.  Fortunately, the sultry Charlotte will take us by the hand and be our guide.

Charlotte won't be the only beauty gracing the pages of "Halloween Girl."  Meet Lenore Poe.  She'll befriend Charlotte and pull her out of the evils of the first two chapters.  Who is Poe?  Also a ghost.  Can she be trusted? You'll see...but we hope so, as she is very likable and a real dish, herself.  She also has knowledge that Charlotte needs.  Sadly, Charlotte died 10 years previous and now her baby (now 10 years old) is in mortal danger from demons that make up the Hollow.  The Hollow wants souls and currently they have Luke, Charlotte's son.  Poe can bring her to their lair...but this will put Poe's very existence in danger.  If Charlotte wants an opportunity to rescue her son from the Hollow, she will have to put Poe in mortal danger.

Now Poe and Charlotte are tasked.  Uh oh...we find out Poe's backstory and the backstory for the Hollow. This will be very disconcerting as we understand the peril Poe faces in helping Charlotte.  The Hollow lives in deceit and destruction and our two ghost-babes are, of course, walking into a trap.  This may not be such a bad thing as Charlotte and Poe have attitude, a sense of righteousness, and the ability to improvise when needed.  As the Hell-like lair of the Hollow beckons with razor sharp teeth, Poe and Charlotte press on in a quest to save the innocent Luke.  Little do they realize, a lot more is at stake than just Luke's life. 

Brilliant artistry conveys the beauty of Charlotte and the eeriness of her world.  Mr. Wilson's story is fast-paced and ominous.  As the pages turn, Charlotte falls deeper into the evil world of the Hollow and its monsters and deceit.  From Young Adults all the way to old adults, Richard T. Wilson's graphic novel "Halloween Girl" will captivate, terrify, and take you on a horrific journey.  Read "Halloween Girl" today!

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