Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Disconnected, Slasher Preys on Connecticut Babes

What we have here is...the best film ever to emanate from Waterbury, Connecticut!  Okay, perhaps that is not saying much.  If you can look beyond early indications that this is a truly horrible film (who amongst us hasn't benefited from the same logic about ourselves?), and the fact that the dialog looks like bad dubbing (even though it isn't), then we have a vicious, horrific, and insane slasher film.  Low budget all the way, this film also served as a nice nostalgic look at the early 80s, filmed in a city that has decayed.  Today we look at 1984's "Disconnected," directed by Gorman Bechard.

A mad misogynistic slasher is gutting and cutting up beautiful Waterbury women after having sex with them.  Yes!  There are babes in Waterbury...or at least...used to be. What does he do after that?  You can guess.  Detective Tremaglio (Carmine Capoblanco) is on the case...don't expect much here. Enter the sultry Alicia (Frances Raines).  She has just dumped her boyfriend Mike (Carl Koch) because she found out he is messing around with her sister, Barbara Ann (also Raines). Alicia works as a clerk in a video store and one day Franklin (Mark Walker) strolls in.  The two hit it off as both love old movies and Franklin is timid and cute.  Franklin and Alicia start dating and soon are having passionate pre-marital sex.  Uh oh...unlike Alicia, we know Franklin is the sex-crazed psycho killer.  He even tries to murder her after pre-marital sex, but she has already'll see.

Not to be outdone by her sultry sister, Barbara Ann visits Franklin.  Having already stolen Mike, she now needs to steal Franklin.  What happens next is gratuitous sex, nudity, and gore...very sad for Barbara Ann.  As Alicia and Franklin get closer, our psycho keeps his blade handy.  Wait!  Did I tell you about the strange phone calls Alicia keeps receiving?  She answers the telephone only to be repulsed by awful and disgusting noises.  Wait!  Did I tell you about...well never mind.  I have left a lot out of my plot description.  If I left it in you would realize there is much more going on here...just like the City of Waterbury, itself. 

Gory!  Erotic! Madness galore!  Sure, the 80s did not treat Waterbury cinema with any kind of respect.  Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert, and Rex Reed (throw in Gene Shalit) are gone, so perhaps we can give "Disconnected" a fair look.  Perhaps all of this is a metaphor for how woke-ism has pushed aside gritty reality and enables all of us to ignore Waterbury.  True, Waterbury is ruined and will never be a respectable city, ever again.  Don't fret, films like "Disconnected" are there to remind us that it used to exist.  See "Disconnected" with an open eye and think about it for a few minutes after it ends to understand what you just watched.    

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  1. that cover just invites you to premartital sex