Saturday, November 26, 2022

Cold Fusion, Lesbian Strippers Battle UFOs and Ukranians

The President, Congress, the media, our intelligence community...they are all lying to us.  Don't listen to any of them in trying to figure out what actually is happening in The Ukraine.  In 2014, the Obama Administration and the CIA overthrew the Ukrainian government and installed this Zelenskyy bozo.  Because of this, World War 3 looms.  Hence our film today, 2011's "Cold Fusion," directed by Ivan Mitov.  Alas, this film may shed some light on what is really going on.  As hokey as it is, the makers of "Cold Fusion" seemed to have it right.

In 1982 Soviet fighters shoot down a UFO near Kiev.  A secret lab is stood up to determine what made the UFO tick, with special attention to its weapons system.  Fast forward, present day...Iowa is blown up by an EMP...very sad...our government puts out a cover story that Islamic terrorists did it.  We know better and American army guy, Jack Unger (Adrian Paul) sends a sultry mercenary, Lila (Sarah Brown) to Moscow. She is told to hook up with Russian agent, Katia (Michelle Lee).  After killing many Ukrainians, don't ask, she reaches Russia and meets up with the sultry Katia.  The two are tasked to find the secret lab and figure out what this UFO is capable of and what the Ukrainian scientists and military are doing with it.  By the way, the Ukrainians then blow up Vladivostok with an EMP...very sad.

Katia has a plan.  A better one than Bush's plan to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.  Her and Lila will impersonate lesbian strippers, get hired at a Moscow strip club, and steal an access card to this secret lab from one of the customers.  Katia tutors Lila and teaches her some very sensual lesbian stripper moves.  The duo infiltrate the club and develop an erotic lesbian act, kill a bunch of Russians, don't ask, and get the access card.  Now they head to the lab, infiltrate it, murder a bunch of Ukrainian soldiers and eventually find the UFO.  They better hurry...whatever the Ukrainians have planned, several more cities in the middle east will be the target.  The U.S. is already creating cover stories to blame Iran and launch their own World War 3. 

Ivan Mitov and the creators of "Cold Fusion" are more honest than CNN, Fox News, our government, and especially our Intel community.  More importantly, Ms. Lee and Ms. Brown are incredibly sensual and convincing as lesbian strippers.  Why don't we have more movies about hot lesbian strippers saving civilization?  Okay, that's it.  Watch "Cold Fusion" and turn off the television news and ignore anything that comes out of the White House.


  1. i want strippers on my road kill tour

  2. Obama again, the great decline of America, yep, begins here ... and world war three, hay, those agents are wonderful , Asian babes