Saturday, November 12, 2022

Destination Inner Space, Sea Monster and Flying Saucer

We haven't done a good sea monster film in a while.  Today we'll see a nice rubber-suited creature that is a combination of the fiends in "Humanoids from the Deep" and "Creature from the Black Lagoon."  This one, however, is from outer space and will play havoc on hunks and babes on an undersea research facility.  Yep...we'll have the military (let's murder it) versus the science community (let's study it)...and two babes as bait.  Today, we look at 1966's "Destination Inner Space."

Commander Wayne (Scott Brady), all Navy hunk, is summoned to an undersea laboratory.  The head scientist, Dr. LaSatier (Gery Merrill) and his crew have come across a flying saucer submerged in the depths.  The saucer is giving off weird hydroponic noises.  Oh yes, Maddox (Mike Read) is also on board the laboratory and he hates Wayne.  Maddox is also a hunk and is in love with nubile SeaLab diver, Sandy (Wende Wagner).  Lucky for Wayne, Dr. Rene (Sheree North) is also on board.  Wayne and Rene are sweet on each other from the moment they meet.  However irrelevant Rene is in this plot, she's a blonde babe and gets Wayne's juices flowing. 

Maddox, Wayne, and the nubile Sandy head over to the saucer and board it.  They find a weird cannister and bring it back to the lab.  Mistake!  The thing hatches and a hulking reptile-like monster causes havoc.  Now the monster tries to destroy the laboratory.  It cuts off communications to topside, ruins its airlines, and makes Sandy scream.  I bet Maddox wishes he could have done that last one.  With air running out, Wayne has some great ideas that utilize spear guns.  His scientific counterpart, Dr. LaSatier, would prefer communicating with it.  Right!  Sandy screams some more, and Rene continues in her irrelevancy, but both look really good.  The monster gets more menacing as the Earthlings seem to be the underdog.

 Will Sandy or Rene be able to suck face with either of the two hunks?  Any chance of the monster capturing one of the babes and doing to them what the fiends did to their captured women in "Humanoids from the Deep"?  Does Dr. LaSatier have a chance of communicating with the monster before Wayne punches him in the jaw?  A terrific looking cast, shiny and wet in much of this film, and a neat rubber-suited monster highlight this science fiction tale.  For a neat creature feature, see "Destination Inner Space."  

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