Wednesday, October 19, 2022

The Werewolf and the Yeti, Euro-Babes Shredded by Two Monsters

I know, we should value our Himalayan brethren more than we do.  No doubt about it.  Still, we must be honest.  The yeti?  At risk of offending all of Nepal...please!  The yeti is a mere bargain basement bigfoot.  There...the elephant in the room.  It had to be said.  Let's move's film features Euro-babes, several monsters, cannibalistic babes, sorceress babes, Paul Naschy as a werewolf, catfigths, and Euro-babes stripped and whipped.  Yep...a true Euro-trash horror film from Spain.  Our feature today is "The Werewolf and the Yeti" (aka "Night of the Howling Beast"), directed by Miguel Iglesias.

Let's get a couple of things out of the way.  The Yeti?  Please!  Did I already say this?  We'll ignore it, for now.  Euro-babe Veronica Muriel, who plays Melody, has no bearing on the plot.  Because she's a real dish, she'll be in the entire film with no bearing on the plot.  Let's go!  Waldemar (Naschy) gets separated from his party in the Himalayas.  He'll be taken in by two cannibalistic sorceress babes who rape him and eat his buddy...happens.  He'll murder them but not before they turn him into a werewolf.  After murdering more people during a full moon, Sylvia (Mercedes Molina), his girlfriend, finds him.  Sylvia is a babe, a rarity in the Himalayas, thus every Nepalese man tries to rape her.  Her werewolf lover will murder most of these pukes.

Sekkar Khan (Luis Induni) is top bandit in the Himalayas.  His lover is sorceress babe Wandesa (Silvia Solar).  Wandesa has a dungeon full of Euro-babes who she loves to whip, torture, and murder.  Khan wants Sylvia for his harem, or something...and we can't blame him.  Now Waldemar must infiltrate Khan's palace and go to war with Khan, and protect Sylvia from being strung up and whipped by Wandesa.  True, a metaphor for our precarious times here in 2022.  Euro-babes will be stripped and tortured as Waldemar will do battle as a werewolf.  Oh yes...looming the dreaded (okay, maybe not too dreaded) yeti.

Will Sylvia be freed from Wandesa's evil clutches only to be thrown into the claws of a werewolf?  Is this film a feminist anthem for Spain during the early period of post-fascism in that country?  Are all men putrid monsters seeking to rip apart the fairer sex?  Cheese and gore galore.  This film boasts of the most nudity of any of the Paul Naschy horror films.  For a good time with Euro-trash cinema, see "The Werewolf and the Yeti."  

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