Friday, October 21, 2022

The Loreley's Grasp, Euro-Babes Shredded by Reptile Babe

You know this is going to be a good one from the opening scene.  A nude Euro-babe slips on a wedding gown and a monster lizard rushes in, shreds, and eats her heart.  A feminist metaphor warning women about the western constructs of a patriarchal marriage?  Perhaps.  More likely, some nice Euro-Trash horror.  Made in Spain and Germany, 1975's "The Loreley's Grasp," directed by Amando de Ossorio will have a bevy of bikini babes, gratuitous catfights, intense gore, and more bikini babes.

A monster is praying on the babes of a German village.  The bride (Betsabe Ruiz) was the first.  Now the townsfolk in this German hamlet by the river are getting peeved the breeding stock is dwindling.  Enter the sultry Elke (Silvia Tortosa), a professor at an all-girls boarding school.  She hires a hunk hunter, Sigurd (Tony Kendall) to guard the school and keep the gals safe. She's hot on him...must like his chest hair.  This all-girls school?  All they do is frolic in their bikinis by the pool, bathe, prance around in undies and negligees, and have more bikini parties by the pool.  All the gals are sweet on Sigurd...must be his chest hair, which we see a lot.

Okay, the reptile monster.  Right away we learn it is Loreley (Helga Line).  She's sultry, but when the moon rises, she turns to a lizard monster who feeds on hearts of nubile babes.  Sigurd is now hunting her/it.  Yep, the two fall in love.  Awkward, because Elke also has fallen in love with Sigurd...must be the chest hair.  Now the reptile woman decides to prey on the boarding school and in a classic scene she it invades the bath of two of the nubile, nude, and lathery schoolgirls.  Now Sigurd puts two and two together and decides to take the fight to Loreley...but surprises await.  Oh yes, and a nice catfight between three bikini babes who utter lines like, "I'll pull your hair out!"  You can see the influence of Mexican soap operas here.

Will Elke or the reptile woman end up with Sigurd?  Will there be a catfight between Loreley and Elke?  Will any of the bikini boarding school babes be unshredded by the end of the film?  Whether a feminist anthem warning sisters everywhere of the danger of men or a gratuitous piece of Euro-Trash, this is a fun one. Pure gratuitous cheese and a neat reptile monster!  See "The Loreley's Grasp" and get your daily fill of bikini babes, catfights, and gore.  

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