Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Class Reunion Massacre, Sinners Beware

Extra-marital sex, wearing too much make-up (gasp!), and slimy lawyers are evils that are currently bringing down civilization.  If you don't believe me, just watch 1978's "Class Reunion Massacre" (aka "The Redeemer: Son of Satan").  Any film with "massacre" in the title gets a free pass on this blog.  When fornicators and blasphemers meet an evil puritanical slasher, we are in store for some bloody fun.
In defense of our slasher (T.G. Finkbinder), our six protagonists are hardly sympathetic figures. They are lured to a weird high school for their 10-year reunion, only to find they are the only invitees.  John (Damien Knight) is our slimy attorney, and Cindy (Jeannetta Arnette) is a bar wench who wears too much rouge and mascara.  Joining them are a lesbian, the beautiful Kirsten (Gyr Patterson), a gay actor, Roger (Michael Hollingsworth), Jane (Nikki Barthen) a rich-b@#$h, and Terry (Nick Carter), a general pig.  The school is all decked out for a reunion and soon our six classmates find they are locked in the building.  Now the fun starts.
As John and Terry attempt to find some answers, a flame thrower wielding lunatic chars Terry to a crisp.  Now with five to go, this film takes on an Agatha Christie feel.  Our sinners now realize they are being hunted down, but by who and why?  A shotgun, large dagger, pistol, and bathroom sink will spell the demise of many of these great looking sinners.  One by one, our friends fall to the mysterious redeemer.  Is he a man of the cloth or a disciple of Satan...or just an embittered classmate of his intended victims?
"Class Reunion Massacre" came out the same year as "Halloween" and was directed by Constantine Gochis (his only film).  Will any of our flawed reunion attendees survive the puritanical psycho? In this film, there is a really weird opening and closing scene which you will want to pay close attention to...no spoilers here.  Creepy and weird rule the day in this early slasher film.  For some nice kills, take in this moody and unsettling horror film.

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