Saturday, October 29, 2022

S.N.U.B!, Friend Group During the Nuclear Holocaust

You've thought about this question before.  During an all-out nuclear war, who do you want to share a bunker with?  The elected politician who raised your taxes?  His hack-aide?  Annoying teenage girls?  An adolescent boy with acne?  An annoying little kid with his pet goldfish?  A grouch old mother?  Non-heroes of the military?  If those are the peeps you answered with, then you would fit comfortably in our film today, 2010's "S.N.U.B!," directed by Jonathan Glendening. 

Terrorists nuke London!  Stop cheering...this is sad!  A low level MP, Norman (Jonathan Moore), mistakenly gets word of the blast before it happens and grabs a hot American diplomatic aide, Marcia (Alexandra Afryea), and heads to a S.N.U.B. (Secret Nuclear Underground Bunker).  To Norman's disgust, lots of other insignificant peeps show up too including an annoying boy and his goldfish.  The bunker is manned by a formerly useless army guy, Sweeney (Gary Mavers).  Norman won't be happy as Marcia and him start making goo goo eyes at one another.  The military contingent is limited but does include the hot Private Gill (Zoe Robinson)...alas her fate will be worse than death.

All goes smoothly...there is even a skank there, Sophie (Magda Rodriguez) who takes showers and uses half the water supply.  Then,,, horror.  The psycho inmates at a neighboring prison were the labor when the bunker was built.  The blast crumbled the walls of the prison and a bunch of radiation infested murderers get in.  Remember the annoying kid with the goldfish?  Well, you'll see no character is above being slaughtered.  The two teen aged beauties (Alice Henley and Sara Gregory) use the apocalypse to  try to get laid...this won't go well.  Now the mutant convicts are in...Private Gill is...well, you'll see...and everyone wants to murder the politician that raised their taxes.

Is the incineration of London wishful thinking, or a tragedy we should all guard against?  Is this film a foretelling of the U.K.'s fate if Liz Truss (or Rishi Sunak) takes over?  Will N.A.T.O. troops risk radiation poisoning and come to the rescue?  Fat chance!  Just ask The Ukraine.  Grim and low budget, still a worthwhile take to understand where western Europe may be going with the dreadful governments each nation has in power currently.  See "S.N.U.B!" and realize Europe's idiotic choices will have consequences.   

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