Thursday, October 27, 2022

Calling Nurse Meow, A Deviant Anthology

The magnum opus of Kitty Kiss, aka Nurse Meow.  Who is Nurse Meow?  What does she do?  Well, today we have a kinky anthology with some horrific themes.  As for Nurse Meow...she is a sexy Goth...a spirited submissive...a BDSM queen...a cannibal...a sexy bigfoot...a damsel with an attitude...a dominatrix ...murderer...and frequently dressed in tight vinyl, hooker boots, BDSM attire...and usually carrying a whip or other unmentionable sex toys.  2022's "Calling Nurse Meow" is ten shorts directed by Laura Barker, Joe Cash, and Impey.  Grotesque, sexy, horrific, dark, and very warned. 

Kitty Kiss is Nurse Meow (Barker).  She'll introduce the kinky and horrific shorts.  With plenty of homage to 1970s drive-in exploitation and Troma films, this rapidly paced anthology will leave you breathless.  It opens with a story called "Nurse Meow and the Hunt for the Sexy Bigfoot."  Warning...cannibalism and castration will follow.  The stories that ensue will be lurid, fun, prurient, and at times shocking.  "The Hideout" is a viciously brief one with guttings and cannibalism...alas, the beautiful die so horribly.  Never fear, there will be some nostalgia ala the old "Ilsa" films of the 1970s as our beautiful damsel is taken and tortured by Nazi henchmen.

Whether a nymph, a dominatrix, a cannibal, a tortured submissive, or a tripping Goth...Nurse Meow will captivate you.  You'll cheer for her...fear her...and alas, will wince at some of her exploits.  There will be torture, X-Rated animation, musical numbers, and whips.  A guilty pleasure to be sure, but do not worry, you are not bound to confess to anyone that you saw this film.  The gore and sex will be piled high as leather, hooker boots, and oversized sex toys may rule the experience. 

If you have a fondness of the old Video Nasties of the 1960s, this is a film for you.  In today's neo-Puritanical, PC, and woke civilization, "Calling Nurse Meow is a breath of fresh air.  Not for the easily offended...but we don't want those types around, anyway.  Do yourself a favor, put on "Calling Nurse Meow" and just deserve it.    


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