Thursday, October 13, 2022

The Executioners, I Spit on Your Grave x 4

Sick!  Vicious!  Misogynistic! Gratuitous! Perverted!  Yep...we have a good one today.  I'm sure there are some professors at women's studies departments at Ivy League schools who could offer a more intellectual review of today's film, but not as fun.  In the tradition of "I Spit on Your Grave" and "Last House on the Left," we have a 2018 film cut right out of early 1970s exploitation.  Today we look at "The Executioners."  Warning...this one has vicious rape (men and women), gratuitous baths, decapitations, humiliations, and torture. 

Belle (Jemma Dallender) is a babe with a horrible past.  Because of it she is suicidal and on psyche meds...but quite a dish, nonetheless.  She invites three babe friends, Lory (Anna Shields), Kay (Natalie Burn), and Angela (Rachel Rosenstein) to a lake house for a friend weekend.  The four are besieged right away by an invading force.  Three men (Anthony Belevtsov, Michael Santi, and Fernando Soto).  These brutes invade the house, rape the gals, humiliate them, force them to have sex with each other, and then get oral sex from them.  The gals are upset by this and Belle flees.  Thinking Belle was shot while escaping, the trio don't think about her again...until she comes back.

Now Belle comes back, surprises the bad guys, and turns psycho killer.  Most of her buddies are with her and they get the drop on the thugs.  They'll sexually violate their rapists in a neat role reversal.  Uh oh...the babes discover why these men came to rape and kill...and the answer will make the plot more ominous.  The killing will get underway and the brutes and babes will take casualties.  Belle proves all psycho and her buddies have some weird reactions, themselves.  The babe quartet will be nude or in undies most of the film and their rapes will be brutal.  The men...well, I assure you, their violations will make you wince.  Then something else unfolds...and it is twisted and then more twisted.

Will anyone survive this weekend of sexual violation and homicide?  Will Belle ever be cured of whatever ails her mind?  Will any of you watch this film and extol its virtues in mixed company? can say this was a sick and perverted film...but between you and me, you will be glad you saw it.  See "The Executioners" and shower the filth and ickyness off later. 


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