Monday, October 31, 2022

Lust for a Vampire, A Sensual Hammer Production

The late 60s and early 70s gave us the most sensual Hammer horror films ever made.  Euro-babes were re-branded Hammer Glamour Girls and we saw a lot of their breasts and uber-nubileness.  No erotic Hammer vampire film was more erotic than 1971's "Lust for a Vampire," directed by Jimmy Sangster.  Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing would be missing from this one but Denmark born model/actress Yutte Stensgaard, and her impressive cleavage, is all we need in this film.

A virgin, blonde, barmaid with big and visible cleavage is hopping home one day.  A carriage stops and she gets in...mistake.  The nubile beauty is brought to the Karnstein castle, put on an alter, and drained of her blood.  The babe's blood is then poured on a corpse of a vampire, dead over 100 years, Carmilla.  Now Carmilla is resurrected and placed in a finishing school for babes...she is now Mircalla (Stensgaard).  Everyone who sees her falls in love with her even her babe classmates.  She'll have lesbian trysts with many of them including skinny dipping with her lover Susan (Pippa Steel).  Also arriving at the school is gadabout/writer Richard Lestrange (Michael Johnson).  He'll lie his way into employment at the place even though he is only looking for pre-marital sex with Euro-babes.  He'll initially have eyes for Janet (Suzanne Leigh), who teaches sexy dancing to the girls.

Then Richard sees Mircalla...and he is in love.  Meanwhile, Mircalla kisses and gets naked with her babe classmates and eventually bites Susan.  Other girls are bitten and go missing.  Richard falls more and more into a weird spell cast by Mircalla's beauty and cleavage.  Now Janet falls in love with Lestrange and begins to suspect vampirism at the school.  Uh oh...Mircalla, guided by Count Karnstein (Mike Raven) guides Mircalla to many of her killings.  Having a taste for nubile and naked Euro-babes, Janet is now on Mircalla's radar.

Will Mircalla and Janet get naked together and skinny dip?  Will Richard's love for Mircalla sway her to choose him over her master, Count Karnstein?  Is Mircalla merely eliminating her completion by biting her classmates, no different than babes on a cheerleading squad or in a sorority?  Erotic and atmospheric, Yutte Stensgaard may be the sultriest vampire ever put on film.  See "Lust for a Vampire," and rue the day that all-girl finishing schools went away.        

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