Sunday, October 23, 2022

The Scout, The Perils of Micro Budget Horror

A low budget horror film!  No wait...a micro-budget horror film!  What's the difference.  In micro-budget, the star and other cast members have to do triple duty as part of the crew, no catering, and whenever someone sneezes, the producers go in a hole (financially).  We do have to like the filmmakers who endeavor to make a movie in micro-budget circumstances.  Today we look at the making of a micro-budget horror film in 2021's "The Scout," directed by Michael Kallio.

Jeff (Kenneth Guertin) is the director and Denise (Marla Lizbeth Perez) is the producer of the micro-budget "Terrestrial Evil."  As our film begins...actually it begins with a Satanic ritualistic sacrifice, but that's not important right now...they are auditioning cast/crew for their film.  Some real doozies...but in a likable way.  The bubbly and annoying blonde bimbo Patty (Anastasia Elfman) is cast as the final girl.  Jeff's attraction to her will relieve Patty of any crew duties creating rivalry with other cast members.  Then Jessica (Jessica Moore), quite the babe, will be brought on to do social media for the film.  Her and Patty will have their claws out whenever they look at one another.  They have a location! burned down. Then guess what!  Patty just has a place available and now the cast/crew heads there to film the movie.

Then the murders begin.  A fiend with a hammer.  Cast and crew begin getting bludgeoned, garroted, gutted, and having their throats slit.  Suspects?  Yep...just about everyone.  The beautiful will die horribly and so will the beefy.  The killer seems to have a real beef with everyone attached to "Terrestrial Evil." As Patty and Jessica begin hissing at each other, and Jeff wonders where is special f/x gal (McKenzie Kelly) is...our killer goes through "Terrestrial Evil" like crap through a goose.

Will Jessica and Patty get into a bloody catfight before either of them dies horribly?  What about that Satanic rite that kicked off the movie, is it related to the killings?  Is "Terrestrial Evil" really a snuff film and Jeff a serial killer?  This is a fun one with a great looking cast and perhaps more real than you may think in the filming of a micro-budget film.  See "The Scout" and then decide if you really want to get into movies. 


  1. I saw The Scout, loved it! It is clearly micro budget, no doubt, but it has HEART, and it was a fun watch - how often do you say that these days. Cast was really good, and Kallio works magic on no budget...while I see people, like the director of KENOBI make total garbage with a seemingly bottomless wallet. Anyway...was shocked to see this film mentioned here, and had to chime in. Saw the film a while back...year or so.

  2. Thanks anonymous! Thanks Mr. Zisi! Mike Kallio here. Appreciate the kind words.