Saturday, October 15, 2022

Mother's Day, Babes Terrorized in the Woods

I first saw this film at a drive-in!  Yep...a long time ago.  Sick, perverted, misogynistic, and gratuitous.  hence it appears here on my blog.  Perhaps as all the women's lib stuff went out of fashion as the 1970s ended, these types of movies were quite therapeutic to audiences secretly craving a backlash against grouchy women.  In what must have been a big disappointment to the new Puritans of the 1980s the teens who snuck in to the drive ins to see this film did not turn out to be rapists and killers.  Today we look at 1980's "Mother's Day," Charles Kaufman.

Three friends from college meet up ten years later to go on a girls' weekend.  Trina (Tiana Pierce) is a trophy wife in Beverly Hills.  Abbey (Nancy Hendrickson) is a prisoner in her home as she is saddled with a grouchy invalid mother.  Jackie (Deborah Luce) is a divorced babe with a worthless coke-addicted boyfriend.  Now the three head into the woods, even though the proverbial gas station creep warns them not to.  They catch-up, skinny-dip, and eat marshmallows by the campfire.  Then the two invaders come and abduct them.  Ike (Frederick Coffin) and Addley (Michael McCleery) haul the gals off in their sleeping bags like sacks of potatoes.  They bring their new pets home to their sadistic mom (Beatrice Pons).

The babes are then raped by our creeps and mom looks on in glee.  Mom is so proud of her boys and relishes in the babes' humiliation and torture.  The boys select Jackie to go first. Poor Jackie...a humiliating and vicious fate awaits.  Trina and Abbey know they have to escape or face the same fate as their friend.  What happens next will be straight out of "I Spit on Your Grave."  A different kind of rape/revenge film, but just as violent.  Now the gals must go to war against the perverted family of nutballs.  It will be gory and gratuitous.

Do the babes have a fighting chance against the depraved monsters?  Can these three ladies adopt a "Death Wish" mentality and avenge their soiling?  What did Tipper Gore think of this film?  Depraved and sick, but the audiences loved "Mother's Day."  Watch "Mother's Day" and just sit back and wait for the push back against the wokeness that has taken over our world.   

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