Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Bridge of the Doomed, A Bridge Too Far...Zombie Style

I know we all have thought it.  What if Sir Richard Attenborough had made a horror film instead of "A Bridge Too far"?  Sir Richard is no longer making movies (he died in 2014, and as far as we know...has not reanimated).  Hence one of this blog's favorite directors. Michael Su steps in...and taps one of this blogs favorite actresses, Sarah French, and gives us 2022's "Bridge of the Doomed."  Throw in Michael Pare, spurting blood, intestines, and a pesky bridge where many peeps will die horribly...and we have the latest zombie apocalypse film...or do we?  Perhaps we have something doubly as horrifying.

The U.S. is in the throes of a zombie apocalypse...happens.  The military is down to its last few brave souls, commanded by General Vasquez (Robert LaSardo).  He is sad as Michael Pare is not finding reinforcements for him.  As zombies breach the perimeters of his base, he sends the sultry Sgt. Hernandez (Kate Watson) to secure a bridge.  She and a ragtag group of grunts must prevent a zombie horde from crossing it, and secure it for when Michael Pare does find reinforcements.  Uh oh...two kind soldiers, Lin and Sanders (Johnny Huang and King Jeff) save Susan (French) from a vicious rape.  Susan?  Babe and a half...and she is with a commune of ill equipped survivors.  These survivors?  Very grouchy and have "zombie bait" written all over their foreheads.

Uh oh...Something else is going on.  Remember those fairy tales about trolls under bridges.  Think vicious and slimy monster under this bridge.  It begins picking off army men and eating them.  Moving too fast to aim a gun at, the creature is making it difficult to secure the bridge.  The thing eats all their rations and steals their explosives leaving Hernandez and her men practically naked (figuratively).  Now Hernandez makes some surprising command decisions which may endanger all the survivors in the commune including the sultry Susan (Oh no!).  Even worse, Michael Pare is not doing a good job finding reinforcements.  Oh yeah...Susan may be making goo-goo eyes at one of Hernandez' men (love during the zombie apocalypse?).  If this isn't bad enough...our bridge monster seems to be getting hungrier and the army men are almost out of bullets.  Where Sir Richard Attenborough poured in German troops....Michael Su pours in monsters, zombies, grouchy survivalists...and Sarah French.

Will Sgt. Hernandez fare better than Sean Connery and Robert Redford did in the Attenborough film?  Is the monster under the bridge a metaphor for the political bickering of the different allied commands during their battles in the Netherlands in 1944?  Will the sultry Sarah French and Sgt. Hernandez prevail against the ugliest the apocalypse has to offer?  Plenty of blood, gore, cheese, and one hell of a good time.  For a fast paced and satisfying zombie/monster/war/ babe in much peril film...see "Bridge of the Doomed." (Coming November 4th).

See the YouTube trailer for this film by clicking this link BRIDGE OF THE DOOMED TRAILER      

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  1. C’mon.. “sultry Sergeant”? More like strong, kick ass, and stunning.