Sunday, October 9, 2022

The Psychotronic Man, Barber on the Rampage

One of the best barber-on-the-rampage films ever made.  This 1979 film shot entirely in Chicago may never have the lasting power of "Sweeney Todd," but for B horror fans...this one will earn affection.  Sure, it will tempt its viewers to play MST3K, but that's okay.  Weird and overly melodramatic, as many of us are, "The Psychotronic Man," directed by Jack M. Sell, is our feature today.

He's a barber at his own shop.  Rocky (Peter Spelson) seems to have it all (okay, a bit of an exaggeration).  During his nine hour commute home (really, you'll see) an endless stream of credits show you just how much talent went into making this film.  The drive is so long, Rocky has to stop for a nap.  When he wakes up he and his car are in the clouds above.  Weird?  Yep.  Whatever happens in those clouds has left Rocky with psychotronic powers...sort of a bargain basement telekinesis.  Now Rocky can murder people just by looking at them and willing ill to them.  He'll do this to an annoying old man who serves him coffee and beans.  No great loss.  Now the cops have a murder on their hands and they put a bargain basement Lt. Columbo, Detective O'Brien (Chris Carbis) on the case.

O'Brien does fine work and develops our weird barber as a suspect early on.  Now on his trail, our good detective and the PD are always one step behind Rocky.  Following a trail of bodies who have died violently, the longest car chase in film history ensues.  Say what you want about this film...this chase is a pretty good one.  After getting to meet Rocky's annoying wife (Lindsey Novak), we meet his sultry mistress (Robin Newton).  Sadly, the mistress will only have a minor role...which includes extra-marital sex.  Then...guess who shows up!  No spoilers here but an added element is added to this supernatural horror film that makes the ending quite classic.

Can Rocky use his new powers in his extra-marital sex exploits?  Will O'Brien be able to stay on Rocky's trail through crime infested Chicago?  Just who does show up before the end of the film that ratchets this work to a superior level?  However bad you may think this film is, it is better than anything Harrison Ford, Val Kilmer, or Al Pacino have done over the past 30 years.  For a fun MST3K kind of good time, see "The Psychotronic Man."   

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