Saturday, September 17, 2022

Zombie Nightmare, The Undead with a Baseball Bat

Tia Carrere! The beautiful actress portrayed Dr. Sydney Fox, sultry anthropologist on TV's "Relic Hunter" from 1999-2002.  Her portrayal inspired the protagonist in Max Gunssler's new novel Wrath of the Fire Maidens. To order Max's new novel for 99 cents, click on this link WRATH OF THE FIRE MAIDENS . In 1987, the actress starred in her first movie, "Zombie Nightmare," directed by Jack Bravman and John Fasano.  Most people who have seen this film did so on "Mystery Science Theater 3000."  Still, as much fun as we can make about our film today, Tia Carrere as an evil party girl is sultry.

Tony (John Mikl Thor) is good to his mom.  The strapping hunk is all muscles.  He and his mom witnessed the murder of his dad ten years earlier.  Now, Tony is a great softball player and carries around an aluminum baseball bat.  Doing good to all men rarely gets one far in these films.  While protecting a shop owner from a robbery, Tony is mowed down by six partyers in the street and killed.  The revelers drive off.  The most evil of them is Jim (Shawn Levy).  Another of the evil kids is Amy (Carrere), who's great looks highlight this film.  Sad mom pulls in voodoo queen Molly (Manuska Rigaud) to resurrect Tony.  Bad idea.  She does and now Tony is a monster with a baseball bat who will not rest until he gets the revenge due him.

Tony begins going after the kids.  He breaks their necks or bashes their heads in.  Some of the killings are gratuitous and occur during pre-marital sex.  The lovely Susie (Manon E. Turbide) is chased out of a hot tub and runs through a spa clad in lingerie before Tony destroys her.  Jim keeps doing dastardly deeds and trying to rape women out of his league.  Frank (Frank Dietz) is on the case and is a good cop.  His Captain is Adam West and does not want the case'll see why.  Amy will have some nice scenes and wears some nice party outfits included a nice black leather outfit.  However evil Amy is...we do desire her to survive, though the monster Tony seems to have saved her for last...or has he?

Does Zombie Tony have enough humanity in him to perhaps figure out something else to do with/to Amy instead of bashing her skull in?  What is West's role in all of this?  Will Amy have a hot tub scene just as Susie did?  Make fun of this film if you must but it does deliver on the beef and cheese and includes pre-marital sex and hot tubs.  Find "Mystery Science Theater 3000" on YouTube or Tubi and put on "Zombie Nightmare."  

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