Sunday, September 11, 2022

Giallo in Venice, Euro-Babes, Sex Maniacs, and a Scissors

Why not?  Put the sub-genre right in the title.  Nothing says Euro-Babes dying viciously like Giallo.  This goes for sex maniacs, scissors, cut up corpses, and misogynists, too.  Today we look at an Italian horror flick (yep, Giallo) from 1979, "Giallo in Venice" (aka "Gore in Venice") directed by Mario Landi.  As per usual...if you see a ravishing babe in this film, don't get too attached.

Ah!  Sex maniacs Fabio (Gianni Dei) and Flavia (Leonora Fani) frolic through Venice.  They have this hang-up (fetish)...he likes to watch his wife have sex with total strangers.  At first he has sex with his wife in public with others watching...then it graduates to watching Flavia have sex with brutes.  You'll see this a lot in the film.  By the way...we see this as flashbacks as the film begins with a police scene at their murder site.  Beside a canal, Flavia's drowned body lays near Fabio's, who has been gutted with scissors.  Police Inspector De Paul (Jeff Blynn...think of a bargain basement Marjoe Gortner) is investigating.  De Paul may be the most annoying police detective in the history of movies.

Now DePaul must put the case together and catch the killer.  His investigation uncovers an orgy which Flavia and Fabio were involved in.  Marzia (Mariangela Giordano) was also involved with her boy toy.  She still lives...for the moment.  Others who participated in the orgy begin being butchered.  Now De Paul must hurry...Italy's sex maniac population is taking quite a hit.  Through De Paul's investigation we see some depraved people.  This stuff is right out of the Clinton-playbook.  Suspects are developed and each of them have these weird psycho-sexual fetishes.  Yep, all could be elected to public office here in the U.S.  De Paul now must decide which pervert is the killer.

Will any Euro-Babe remain in one piece by the end of this film?  Just what went on at this orgy?  Are the weird sexual fetishes and nymphomaniac behaviors in this film a prescient foretelling of 21st century American political behavior?  Erotic, vicious, and of Giallo will want to see this one despite the Marjoe Gortner wannabe detective.   

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