Thursday, September 29, 2022

Scream Bloody Murder, A Psycho and a Prostitute

Nubile babes just don't fare well in these types of films.  You know the films...early 1970s low-budget drive-ins.  Perhaps these movies are misogynistic.  Definitely gratuitous and exploitative.  Nudity and gore will abound.  Throw in a lunatic fresh out of a mental hospital and a 'sex-worker' who the insaniac believes needs purification.  Today we look at 1972's "Scream Bloody Murder," directed by Marc C. Ray.  Oh yes, look closely for "Phantasm" ghoul Angus Scrimm.

Little boy Matthew murders his dad with a tractor and loses his arm in the process.  Many years later, an adult Matthew (Fred Holbert) with a hook as a left hand is allowed to leave the mental asylum (never a good idea).  He goes home and sees that his mom (Leigh Mitchell) has just married Matthew (Robert Knox).  He'll take an axe and butcher the two of them and then flee.  Matthew is set off by the sight of his mom and Matthew making every babe he sees is his mother (in his mind) acting like a whore.  He'll continue murdering people, including babes he sees as his mother.

Matthew will reach a seaside town and meet prostitute Vera (also played by Mitchell).  She's a beautiful redhead and sailors love to pay for her services.  Matthew will kill one unfortunate sailor and abduct Vera.  He'll call Vera by his mother's name, gag her, and tie her up.  Matthew will butcher the residents of a nearby mansion and move into it with his prisoner.  Now Vera is either tied up or led around on a leash.  To keep this charade up, Matthew will murder again, including Angus Scrimm.  Vera realizes she has one skill she has not tried in her bid to  The unstable and hook-handed Matthew is not ready for sexual intimacy and the results will be...well, you'll see.

Does the beautiful Vera have any chance at survival in this film?  Will Matthew give into his sexual urges as he stands in front of a bound and gagged beauty?  Is this film a metaphor for western civilization's treatment of women and fear of equality?  Gratuitous, steamy, and gory...see "Scream Bloody Murder."   

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