Thursday, September 1, 2022

Black Cadillac, El Dorado vs. a Saab

A big mean black 1957 Cadillac El Dorado!  A menacing antagonist, indeed.  Throw in a wimpy Swedish import, a Saab. there any doubt which one wins?  This brings us to our film for today, 2003's "Black Cadillac," directed by John Murlowski.  We'll have hunks, babes, gore, and revenge.  But just who is meting out the revenge...and for what?  All good questions.  You'll have to endure some twists and some great and action-packed stunt driving to find out.

Okay, three buddies...two in high school and one at Yale.  Our Yalie is Scott (Shane Johnson), a hunk.  His two buddies are his younger brother Robby (Jason Dohring), a virgin, and CJ (Josh Hammond) a troubled youth with a mysterious scar on his face.  Yep, the scar will play into the plot.  The trio go for a last fling and go to a roadhouse bar in rural Minnesota.  All the boys get lucky.  Too lucky, unfortunately and are chased out by bouncers and locals.  They speed away and come across a broken down police car driven by sheriff deputy Charlie (Randy Quaid).  They give Charlie a ride.  Then the fun starts.  Scott is driving the Saab and on the backwoods roads, icy and windy, the black El Dorado picks up their scent.

Yep, the El Dorado is trying to murder the Saab and its occupants.  Some nifty driving on icy roads and icy lakes helps keep the kids and Charlie alive.  Uh oh...the El Dorado is after revenge.  After a stop, "You will pay for your sins," is written on the Saab's windshield.  Now the four try to figure out which occupant is the sinner that has ticked the El Dorado off.  At first, the creepy deputy seems to be the culprit.  Mr. Quaid turns in a creepy performance and it is easy to see him as a corrupt cop.  Then...well, our three hunks reveal that they may have some secrets of their own.  Now Scott is determined to get him, Robby, and CJ to safety...and his stunt driving becomes the star of the film.  But the Saab is Swedish...wimpy car.  The El Dorado is a man's car...advantage Cadillac!

Just what sin was committed and by who to incur the wrath of the big evil El Dorado?  Hey wait!  Any babes in this film?  Yep, you'll see.  Just how corrupt is Charlie and are out hunks in more danger from him than they are the Caddy?  This is a fun one with many twists, but if you pay close attention, the experienced horror fan will figure out just what is going on.  For some fun car chases on ice and snow, and a real mean El Dorado, see "Black Cadillac." 

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