Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Force to Fear, Oh, Yeah!

I know that there are a million reasons to call this a bad movie.  Still...I sooooo enjoyed it.  In fact...I loved it!  In may be the best time I've had watching a film in years.  Oh...Sable Griedel's portrayal of Nova?  If you weren't in love before this seeing this will be hooked after you meet Nova.  So much right is going on here.  Hunks and babes with martial arts skills, Chinese throwing stars, some firearms, catfights, and some nice black tactical outfits for the babes.  Today we look at 2020's "Force to Fear," directed by Chad Burns and Zane Hershberger.

Two apparent thugs are torturing Ryan (Mitchell Musolino) in an abandoned school.  They decide to kill him...but wait!  A vehicle pulls up with some apparent partyers...hunks and babes looking to drink, dance, and maybe have pre-marital sex.  Wrong!  Ryan is visited by the ghost of his dead girlfriend (Se Marie).  Never mind her...great plot device, sure, but we have better ones to discuss.  The two thugs?  One is an undercover cop, Clint (Joseph Setticase).  Okay, our revelers!  Nova (Griedel) is a real dish, and she has a story and a half.  Pit (Nexus Lyons), a hunk leads them.  Anamoly (April Yanko) tries to loosen up Nova...but why?  Socks (Chad Burns)?  He will be significant.  Oh yes, Vega (Ginny Griedel)?  Sadly, this babe will die horribly early on.

Okay, the two kidnappers are perturbed that these kids seem to be interfering with their plans.  Clint is sent down to straighten them out.  He walks into an ambush as the kids turn into a ninja tactical team.  The team is there for a find a fiend (Ted Opalinski), who did something evil to Nova.  All out war.  The fiend has an armored suit and plenty of bloody weapons.  Nova has Chinese throwing stars and a real gun.  All out war breaks out.  Martial arts action abounds.  Bloody kills abound.  Black cat-suited babes fight everyone including one another.  The ghost will annoy you.  Impalements, garroting, gutting, pummeling, bludgeoning, and sex appeal will explode out of the silver screen.  When it is all over, you will want to crowdfund a sequel or at very least, find Nova so she can beat you up, too.

All right.  What is going on here?  Do not limit your enjoyment by demanding to know what is going on.  That is why people don't like you, if you haven't figured that out, yet.  Nova is a character we'd love to see a graphic novel series based on.  Sit back, enjoy, and wince at the violence and be allured by the hunks and babes.  For a bloody good time, see "Force to Fear."    

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