Friday, September 9, 2022

Decapitarium, Re-Animator Remade

A remake of 1986's "Re-Animator"?  It takes place at Miskatonic University.  A decapitated head calls all the evil shots.  A Barbara Crampton lookalike is the damsel in much distress.  Oh, but is a difference.  This one has Christine Nguyen as a babe commando fed clad in a tight camouflaged jumpsuit, a tactical holster, hooker boots, and carrying a humongous gun.  Yes!!!  Oh, there are hundreds of decapitations in this film as the student body of Miskatonic University is decimated.  Today we look at 2021's "Decapitarium," directed by Jeff Dunn.

Dr. Wilkinson's (Alex West) experiment goes awry.  In short, his wife (Ruby Lee Dove II) is his test subject and her head pops off.  Now Wilkinson keeps his wife's head alive and she is ticked.  Okay, Barbara Crampton lookalike Samantha (Katusha Robert) is trying to finish a science project and has a killer body.  Mrs. Wilkinson's head wants it.  The head takes over her husband's cyborgs.  The cyborgs are people he decapitated and replaced the heads with a computerized orb.  Now the cyborgs have a circular saw as an arm and decapitate more peeps to become Wilkinson's cyborg army.  Agent Crawford (Nguyen) arrives and she is hot!  She brings a big gun with her and liaisons with the sheriff's office.

Skipping so much...Agent Crawford wants to sign Wilkinson to a defense contract.  The wife's head is still irate and uses her army to decapitate everyone and try to capture Samantha.  Now the head has a huge robot built and becomes the head of this 20 foot tall robot.  Agent Crawford continues to look very steamy in her tight jumpsuit and hooker boots.  The big gun is played against the cyborg army.  Samantha and her impressive figure is put in more peril as the robot-wife-head wants her.  Wilkinson realizes his experiment is out of control.  Explosions!  Hundreds of decapitations!  Christine Nguyen!  Yes!

Got it?  Is there really anything else you need in a film?  I have a great the 1970s we had the Sgt. Rock comic books.  We need an Agent Crawford comic book here in 2022.  Christine Nguyen in a camouflaged jumpsuit looks a lot better than that old ghost of a tank commander.  For a really great time with a lot of gore, a Barbara Crampton lookalike, and Christine Nguyen in hooker boots, see "Decapitarium."  

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