Thursday, September 15, 2022

Blood Harvest, Tiny Tim and Carnage

The man!  The ukulele! Yes, Tiny Tim!  I were just saying "we don't get enough of Tiny Tim!"  Well, I have something for all you ukulele lovers.  Today we look at 1987's "Blood Harvest," directed by Bill Rebane.  We have Tiny Tim (not just a cameo, either) and nubile babes who are way out of his league.  Nudity, gore, gratuitous shower and bath scenes...and more gore...and Tiny Tim!

Jill (Itonia Salchek), a real babe, comes back home to visit.  She'll spend most of this film nude, in intimate undies, in the bathtub, shower, or being groped and sexually molested.  Her parents are missing.  No one liked her parents as her dad is responsible for foreclosing on many of the town's farms.  Eek!  Mervo (Tiny Tim) greets her.  He dresses like a clown and talks in verse.  His handsome brother, Gary (Dean West), also arrives.  Gary's mom and dad went missing, too...and Mervo never got over it...obviously.  Oh yes...Sarah (Lori Minnetti), is Jill's friend.  She's a babe but unfortunately she has "will die very gratuitously in a state of undress," written all over her forehead. 

Okay, Gary loves Jill and Jill loves a brother.  Bad news for Gary.  Then Jill's fiancé, Scott (Peter Krause) arrives. He'll be useless and die as gratuitously (except he'll have more clothes on) as Sarah.  Now everyone who comes to visit Jill meets a gruesome fate.  Mervo continues to creep us out and Gary gets more possessive and more perverted as the film drags on.  Give Jill credit, she is only mildly put off by the molestation and perversion thrown her way.  Does that make her "empowered"?  In bloody fashion, Jill's friends die and Mervo continues to sing in verse, dressed like a clown.  Gary, always the opportunist, will do anything to get past first base with the usually nude Jill.

What follows will be wild and crazy.  So, even though Mervo is an insane creep, does he have any chance with the nubile and scantily clad Jill?  Does Gary?  At some level, is what unfolds in this film, a crazy and taboo fantasy of Jill's dream world?  A crazy and insane movie...but then again, Tiny Tim is top billed.  Go ahead...get your Tiny Tim fix and see "Blood Harvest."   

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