Saturday, September 3, 2022

Save Me, Steamy and Deviant

Steamy sex in the bedroom.  Steamy sex in the parking garage.  Steamy sex in a hot tub.  Steamy sex, and get this, in a lingerie shop with a peep-show backroom!  That's just some of the steamy sex in today's film. Okay...Harry Hamlin was married to Ursula I just wonder if during the filming of some vicious and steamy sex scenes, Lysette Anthony looked into Hamlin's eyes and asked, "Well, big or Ursula?"  Today's feature is 1994's sexual thriller "Save Me," directed by Alan Roberts.

Not realizing what he has, Jim (Hamlin) walks out on a marriage with Olivia Hussy!  Now he's on the prowl for better sex.  Then he sees her...a nubile vixen, Ellie (Anthony).  She has the look and Jim follows her into a lingerie shop.  Ellie tries on a neat outfit and steps out of the fitting room and Jim is hooked.  Jim keeps following Ellie and just outside of the shop, Oliver (Michael Ironside) arrives.  He's her shrink.  He embraces her and gives off the vibes that he is very abusive and controlling.  Ellie sees Jim drooling as he stares and leaves a note behind that pleads, "Save Me."  Her phone number is also included.  Back at work Jim his hounded by his new boss, Mr. Robbins (Steve Railsback).  Jim is in a slump and calls the number.

Sex in his Mustang follows, and then back to the lingerie shop for a sex scene you will not believe. Ellie convinces Jim that Oliver is her abusive lover/shrink and is threatening her for continued sex.  Jim offers to help...which leads to more steamy sex.  This also leads to someone trying to murder Jim over and over again.  Oh, Oliver quickly finds out about Jim and seems to threaten him.  So is Oliver trying to murder Jim?  More steamy sex.  Now sweaty sex is introduced into this plot.  I wonder if Ursula Andress saw this film.  I wonder if Ursula Andress ever got into a catfight on the set of of this film?  So sue me...I do wonder this!  More attempts to murder Jim...more steamy sex...and then twists and...more sex.

Just where can we find this lingerie shop with a peep-show back-room?  However much we admire Jim's fortune, will he ever smarten up?  After all, Olivia Hussy is not bad.  Will Olivia Hussy burst through the bedroom door and bitch-slap Ellie?  This is a steamy one and it contains a great cast.  Experienced viewers of these types of movies will see the twists and reveal a mile away.  For a sweaty good time, see "Save Me."    

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  1. great one, right time right year right actors