Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hack-O-Lantern, Satanists Ruin Halloween

Okay, think of today's feature as a bargain basement "The Devil's Rain."  No Ernest Borgnine here but we do have babes dying horribly, skinny-dipping, pre-marital sex, and garden tool carnage.  If you can endure a few annoying music video interludes and one really annoying stand-up-comedy interlude, then you will enjoy 1988's "Hack-O-Lantern," directed by Jag Mundhra.

Weird grandpa (Hy Pyke) loves his grandson Tommy.  He has picked him as his successor as the town's satanic priest.  Amanda (Katina Garner) is Tommy's mother and Grandpa raped her on her wedding day.  Now Amanda tries, unsuccessfully to protect Tommy from Grandpa.  Now in adulthood, Tommy (Gregory Scott Cummings) is set to assume leadership of the cult.  He's a bad to the bone type of guy. Amanda still has hopes of pulling him out of grandpa's influence.  His little brother, Roger (Jeff Brown) is now a town cop and a real hunk.  His sister, Vera (Carla B.) is a slut but likable. Now Beth (Patricia Christie) is Vera's bestie and she'll end up having pre-marital sex with Roger on top of Vera's dead boyfriend...don't ask...just go with it.

Big Halloween party in town tonight.  The same night of Tommy's induction into the cult.  Vera thinks Tommy murdered her boyfriend, who she was just de-virginized by and seeks him out.  Now Vera walks in on the rite and the cultists chase her.  They'll chase her back to the Halloween party and many babes in seductive costumes will pay the price for that.  Everything will culminate at this Halloween party.  Unfortunately, Nora (Jeanna Fine), slut with a pentagram tattoo on her butt, who gave us a gratuitous skinny dipping scene, gratuitous shower scene, and gratuitous gardening implement to the face scene...will miss the party.  Yep, a lot here.  Not smoothly connected, I know...still...Satanists, babes in trouble, pre-marital sex ending badly...and carnage...we do have.

Will Amanda be able to save her son, Tommy, from his evil fate?  How many sex on top of your best friend's corpse moments have we seen in films of late?  Awkward in many places, but gratuitous enough to be a very likable film.  Get ready for the Halloween by watching "Hack-O-Lantern."    

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