Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The Oracle, Babe and Ghost Seek Justice

When 1990 arrived, I was sure I had seen every 1980s horror film.  Not even close.  I missed a lot...and some really good ones.  Hence, today we look at 1985's "The Oracle," directed by Roberta Findlay.  Okay, the scene when the prostitute is sliced up will; leave you feeling awkward, uncomfortable, and in need of a long shower.  Important plot devices push the proverbial envelope and dive into the taboo.  Gore, babes, creatures, and horrific f/x all await you when you put this film on.

The sultry Jennifer (Caroline Capers Powers) finds a planchet in the basement of the apartment building.  She is a new tenant and moved in with her mean husband Ray (Roger Neil).  She's transfixed on this hand-shaped planchet and finds it has mystical powers.  Using it like a planchet on a Ouija board, the thing writes her messages.  Ray is not amused and believes Jennifer has lost her sanity.  Uh oh...the messages are written by a dead guy who was murdered by his wife (Victoria Dryden), and two thugs, Varney (Dan Lutsky) and Farkas (Pam La Testa).  Uh oh...Farkas is quite the psycho and most people think she is a man.  She gets off on sexually violating beautiful woman as she murders them.

Now the wife, Dorothy, finds out Jennifer is communicating with her deceased husband and orders Varney and Farkas to murder her.  Farkas wants to rape Jennifer, too.  Ray tries to get rid of the planchet and gives it to the building super...sadly, the planchet births slimy octopus-like creatures that take him apart.  Now the planchet is back and anyone who tries to separate Jennifer from it will die horribly.  Now Jennifer gets clear instructions from the spirit...murder the trio who murdered me.  Increasingly possessed, Jennifer is used to hunt the killers as they hunt her.  The deaths will be excruciatingly gory and the ghost f/x will be classic!

Will Jennifer be able to complete her mission to murder the homicidal trio?  Will Farkas succeed in raping Jennifer?  Will Ray, Jennifer's insensitive husband, suffer a fate worse than being served divorce papers?  Ms. Powers is a sultry damsel in danger and the ghosts are horrific, making "The Oracle" a must see 1980s horror film.  

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